Thursday, 9 February 2017

The Inner Warrior of Light

For those that are Mothers of the Earth, Mothers of our gorgeous light children, and caretakers of the All, we all feel in some way as if we have Divinely chosen to come and create, carve, and begin a new paradigm in which love, peace, and harmony is our pulse. The spirit, the soul aches and won’t rest until the Divine Goddess within is served through love, light, and inner knowing we have served, we have ignited the ancient shaman to come forth and create something entirely new.

Even if we go against the grain, against what others say or desire for us, we forge ahead, because we know, the balance and peace within is our lifeline to Divine entanglement, Universal threading that sewn within our DNA. We are One in this way, for in every lifetime, we have walked as male, female, patron, saint, and ego-driven roles, we are sewn with the unity of love and light in all forms and why we are awakening to it now.  How may we teach, inspire, and integrate our Oneness, our unity in our diversity, and know within that we are all that we experience and perceive.
When you know that you are the one creating your reality you create the empowerment & quantum flow to begin your ignition of miracles to flow and in this, we have created a platforms for those that so desire to entangle with their family, their children and kids as heightened and highly sensitive light bearers ready to interact within the field of light that we have all so delicately and passionately carved.
We will have channels, meditations, practical tips to assist indigo / crystalline children and families as they walk the path of ascension and enlightenment and even some fun global family ascension events!
So we ask with the greatest of respect and reverence for all that we have created, how may you create in this now moment a space of sacred ownership, a heart-felt gift of inner love and self-knowingness that when your children, your friends, your co-workers see you coming, it is the light and love within that fills their hearts.  How may you create the inner Goddess, the inner warrior of light, and the saint of compassion and peace, and the inner beauty that is within you to unveil and release?

We walk the path of Goddess and Divine loving warrior for light so that our children, and future generations of ‘us’ can experience the light and life we signed on to manifest!
Blessings and great joy,

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  1. My Daughert meets with Jesus and Mary. And tonight we are meeting at the tree in or dreams.