Monday, 20 February 2017

Abundantly God Essence

Abundance is not something outside of you. Love is not something outside of you. Belonging is not something outside of you. Your value, your importance, your validity for being is a given, it is gifted within your DNA encoding. The Universe, Mother Father God are not superfluous in their Creation offerings, and this is the essence that we are remembering to awaken to, to own, to claim, and share the light that emanates when we atune to this Divine truth. 

These are Universal truths and not to be triffled with, for it is why each and every one of us are here. Each child, each human, each aspect of life has Divine purpose, meaning, contribution, and importance.  EVERY ONE!  There is nothing left out of wholism, Oneness, Creation, the ALL. Nothing, and our ability to go within and allow this to come forth is why we are here upon this incredible path to reunification to Source.  This innate transmutation of old to new, cell by cell, thought by thought, word by word allows a new template of grids, of potential to be born, in which new species, new future generations of earth humans are spiralling in new light because of the power and courage you have to walk within your light; even if you are the only one that appears to support you in your path.   

You are incredibly entangled with so many beings, and at some point in your journey, you will love yourself enough to allow the veils to drop away and see, hear, sense, and feel the depth of love that Creation has for you and our unique path and lighted offering.  You are needed, you are required, and you are so deeply loved.  

May you always know within the depth of all that you are that you are a Divine golden essence of God. Always entangled with love, always sewn with love, always imbued with loving potential beyond your imagining.  Go forth dear lighted one, dear required one; for you are the catalyst to so many beautiful unveilings within our galaxy and within Creation.  

You are as abundantly rich in all things as you desire to align with it ~
How may you create? 
Never underestimate your profundity to create, to align, to manifest. This is why you are here. To remember the innate wisdom, the innate toolkit, the Divine mastery that you hold within and begin anew
Create powerful new truths that align you with pure excitement to co-create, create with love, joy, and wisdom that takes you beyond all that you thought you knew and into the wisdom spiralling within.
We are integrating all lives, all skills, all wisdoms and a new Universal cycle is born. 
Blessings and joy for this incredible ride,

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