Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Lightship Lightship

Good morning dear ascending family,

I thought I would add a few lovely pictures of my team and how they light my way, and in every moment I am stirred to awaken, there they are spiralling and sparkling in the night sky.  These teams, these Universal beings have assisted me in my path and I am forever blessed and in deep gratitude to them all.

My deepest gratitude and light to my Sirian team, my Pleiadian teams, and my Arcturian teams ~ I am reverberating love for all that you have done to my enhance and assist my earthly life journeys.
My children and I make up lovely songs as we hold our hands out to the sky in loving return and we create many fun creations to unite and join our energy and light.  We will be sharing some of these family musings with you to entangle and soulful communion for your own unique offering within your family giftings.  For your family is far grander and spans far wider than you know.

Blessings and great joy,

Go to our gallery page for our recent video's of our lightships or our facebook page;


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