Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Grounding is so Crucial for Wellness & Health

Greetings and great light dear ones, 
Family and soul light ~ we are bringing around the energy reminder about the importance of 'Grounding & Centering' for profound wellness, balanced state of being, and health in every way for every family member.  Grounding is very simple, easy, and required.  We have attached a great video to explain why and how I have noticed each of my children react and behave differently during varying cycles of celestial alignments and grounding absolutely helps in their state of being and wellness. 

My older son, because of his giftedness and sensitive nature, has had many anxiety moments and when we ground, when I place my hands on his stomach, and chest, in a loving and intentional 'reiki' like manner, his anxiety is immediately soothed.  We then create breath and visualizations as well to assist his knowledge and awareness to tuning him in to breath and how this alone brings stability and wellness to his vessel and state of being.  
So it really is important in every life to ground with Gaia as we move through further shifts over the next 6mths in our global ascension.  
We shall remember the profound benefits and requirement for daily grounding and entering * 
Remember that you can assist and teach your children to ground as well - and I play with this especially around new moons, and full moons; my kids truly behave differently in these cycles; and we create visualizations with the beach and playing in the sand - 
Ancient esoteric teachings and our star seed soul requires grounding and centering to remain balanced and well ~

Enjoy your entanglement with Gaia,
Blessings and great joy,

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