Monday, 30 January 2017

Simplicity is Profound ~ Beginning Divine Conversation

Good morning dear lighted ones,

Thank you all for entangling and connecting with our new platform and site for family expansiveness and how we can all create greater Oneness, Unity, and fun within our every day life with spirit as our guide.

How to Begin Divine Conversations
This weekend in our live global radio show, we talked about the incredible gap between the needs and desires of our heightened children and the programs and education systems being offered and how little the basic foundations of spirit, energy, and Universal belonging are considered as a part of their identity and physiological make-up.  Therefore, we have the opportunity to begin the fun dialogue in the homes so that they can have a greater awareness and sense for who they are and what they exist within and what exists within them.  I have oftened strayed from such conversations in my home, because I did have fear that my children would feel the same ostricization and separateness that I did, however, I understand now that I am merely perpetuating the fear and limitation and projection my beliefs and fears onto them by moving forward in this way of thinking.

We have just posted our FIRST Family Ascension, Crystalline global webinar tele-cast for February 25th and you can find the link to register here;

This will be a 'by donation' event and will discuss many of these wonderful and inspirational ideas and concepts and atune with our etheric chamber for our Universal families wisdoms and light.  I am sensing the children are already excited about this entanglement.  Join us if you feel the inspiration and excitement to do so.

In my open intent to bring greater light to these concepts with my children, I now empower with straight honest dialogue about all they are willing to ask about.  As a parent in a new and ever-changing world, we sometimes walk a fine line about how much do we coach, how much do we say, that gives them enough to create inspiration and self-empowerment within themselves and how much would merely exhaust or confuse them.  And it is to each his/her own, but suffice it to say, you will sense when your child is ready for the new gift in exploration as your dialogues begin, and allow them to guide you in this.  My youngest child just turned 6, and he is curious and wise about so much, and oftentimes asks questions the others do not.  This is just his nature, so our conversations can go anywhere and he can absorb and take it all in and let go of what he does not need.  The other two older kids are specific about what they want to know and I am guided by them on what to interject and how I do so, however I have found that the more fun and playful you are, the greater open dialogue and response and interest you will receive.

There are truly wonderful experiences with our children that every parent can agree to that are just irreplaceable.  My most precious moments are those unplanned moments when we are all getting ready for school, or snuggling in bed with a story, or talking about our day, and the Universe and their ponderings come to life.  There are times in which my older son and I can have hours of discussion, and I am sure it is a ploy to stay up late, but we connect heartfelt emotions and thoughts, feelings, and views on a myriad of things all of us wonder about.

We are all moving through expansion, whether one is consciously aware of it or not.  It is unmistakeable that our world is changing and we have been the catalyst to all of it.  We can now empower our children that they too have this same power within to create, to alter, to shift and to change their reality just as we have and allow them their own unique voice, for they have all come here contracted with you to not only learn from you, but also to show, teach, and inspire you.  There are no mistakes about the soul contracts we draw and design with great care and intelligence.  We are all working within an infinite number of groups and councils, all for the evolution in some way, in some form, to the All and we are all the students and the teachers at any given point along our journey, so allow your brilliant crystalline children the stage to explore their genius within.

Here is our link to our live global ascension radio show that my kids tune in to when I am playing older podcasts to inspire and spiral heightened frequencies as we get ready for the day or are busy doing crafts.

* New Earth Consciousness Radio *
Or can also be found here on our site under the 'Free Audio' page *
These are lovingly uploaded by Jamie at Awakening our Truth, that has worked so diligently for years now sharing his time and effort to get so many lightworkers joy and passion out to the masses so we want to ensure that all those within our circle of love have their hearts filled with appreciation and gratitude for it takes each one of us to create such profound and lasting change.
Jamie's website and offerings can be found here;
* Awakening our Truth *

Remember dear lighted golden ones, it is often the most simplest of moments and offerings that create the greatest ripple of light and ignition for change, so be authentically you and your children and all others will be gifted with the blessing to also be their most authentic resonating self.  Simplicity and joy is key and we are also here to learn so much from our incredible kids for they are far more profound than the current systems and social offerings are allowing them to explore, however we can begin now, start now, create now, and watch the magic unfold.

You will be guided from your heart on what to say, how to say it, and allow your children to guide you for one thing that I have learned; there are cues and symbols in every moment you are with them on what they are ready to explore, it is a matter of aligning and tuning in and they will show you.

Deep light of joy and laughter dear ones,
You are celebrated and loved,

Blessings and great joy,


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