Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Welcome Universal Family of Light

Greetings Cosmic Family of light,

We are so happy to connect with you in this way and know this will be the start of something truly incredible.

It is time dear lighted ones,

We have been talking about this since our inception into offering an ascension Universal platform years ago and I am taking the next step!
In grand Universal support, and know there are many that can resonate, it is time to include our youth, our delightful lighted children into the arena of light and awareness of light in every way ~ in our Sacred Temples of Light monthly classes, we will be exploring more about why inclusivity in all ways is so important to our continued evolution and the wellness of our children.  Many of us have incarnated into this earthly frequency with vibrations, encoding, and soul contracts with the spirited intent to assist in a myriad of ways with these incredible global and galactic transformations, and have been challenged in this same way to feel welcome or at home in a world paradigm that offers little discussion and exploration with our multi-dimensional existence. 

There are greater numbers of children being born with crystalline energy, and / or heightened operating systems with little social and educational offerings to ignite, inspire, embrace, or even acknowledge the fundamental Universal energetic laws to allow for them to create powerful inner truths about who they are.  We each carry unlimited expansiveness and entaglement within the All, and within these Divine giftings comes the innate birthright to explore, emit, express, and nourish all of it.  Awakened parents can all attest that there are few portals and arena's for the up-and-coming generations of light workers to feel as if the world of energy, which is all things, is somehow not recognized. As a highly sensitive intuitive child moves about their life in confusion to what is being sensed within, and what the outer reality is showing and offering, can be most challenging and confusing in such key times of development and self-creatorhood.  There is profound value and payoff in open, loving, and respectful dialogue with our children about the musing and reflection of who they are, what they exist within, and what truly exists within each one of them, for it is the path that lay before them.  

As awakened parents and intuitively aware parents know, the daily maneuvering around energetic passion and discussions has been somewhat like a game.  Feeling as if you can only reveal part of yourself to some people, and the whole of yourself to a select few.  Children in so many ways are in-tune and get when we are not speaking or acting within our truth.  They can learn so much when we as parents follow our hearts, act within our highest authentic self, and show them that we are the ones altering our reality and paving the way for the world that they will assume the benefits and priviledge of entangling with.  The sooner we as a collective acknowledge and integrate the concept that we are multi-dimensional beings of light and exist within a webbing of energy, the sooner our children can own, explore and access their own special gifts, qualities, and dynamic traits that opens the door to a lifetime of self-love, confidence, self-knowing, happinenss, and other like-souled friendships. We each have a unique part to play in how our reality is altered and our children are a pulsing aspect of every heart beat within Creation and of our future world potential.  

We are here to shine forth all that we are in order to feed the Creation wheel of potential into new paradigms of evolutionary potential, and these highly transformative times are calling for us to close the gap with what we are now able to open teach, offer, and inspire our children in exploring what we know now.  They don't have to go through the challenging and oftentimes soul wrenching awakening that we have done.  They can know themselves at such a youthful age and move about life with great awareness in their limitless potential. Our role now is to gift them with the wisdoms and knowings that has allowed us to entangle and enrichen our lives so they bloom and blossom as a awake and aware new generation of compassion light children ready to take on world issues, global healing, and personal creative expression that truly serves the greater good. 

What aspect of self-knowing and Universal energy and belonging, or Oneness are we offering and displaying to our children every day and how may we incorporate this into their own unique wisdoms, needs, and creative expressions? How may we offer such diverse and expansive topics so that they are intrigued and tuned in to world around them and how they have ultimate power to create their own unique experience?  We are only limited by the boundaries and truths that we create for ourselves and therefore, we have limitless potentials right now to begin a new path, a new way of being to set them up to walk a path that is so utterly aligned with self-love, inner Divine knowing, and expanded awareness that they are able to do and be whatever they can dream and create. Our children are just as infinite and profound as we are, and so how may we begin to integrate these inner knowings into daily conversations, educational musings, and social engagements?  This is a gap that needs our attention and effort in healing and alignment.

We cannot wait for our governments and social systems to 'catch up' to what we have known for a very long time; 'we are not alone, we never have been, and we are far more dynamic and limitless in our innate potential than we have ever known or been taught.'  Whether we see greater government awareness and acknowledgement of our cosmic and galactic threading through orchestrated and timed 'leaks' or these stirrings get delicately placed within a global speech, it will be no longer necessary for the human population to feel as if we need to wait for authority or permission before we co-create new earthly potentials; for the people have altered consciousness thus far with the very awakening of light that we all have access to within.  
I am a mother of 3 young children and as a family, we have experienced many limitations and social challenges that many of us awakened adults had experienced in our own childhoods.  There has been very little change within the overall education system and outer social systems that acknowledge what the awakened ones are now remembering.  We can inspire changes and inspirations in any way to allow for open, honest, respectful, and exploratory dialogue to be had about our innate human potential and the advanced creative skills, intuitive sensitivities, and expansiveness that so many light children, crystalline children, and indigo children have to explore within.  Many children move their daily life struggle with knowing, feeling, sensing that they are  different and unique from that of their operating world around them and many others that are not yet awake to the understanding of our multi-dimensional existence and the infinite potentials that we each have to express and explore as dynamic beings of light, consciousness, physical form, and innate superconscious abilities. What they know within and having little social support and empowerment for them, as well as to move about within a world that is still somewhat unaware is still very contrasting and is what causing the inner turmoil and self-doubt that every parent will undoubtedly have to open dialogue with to begin healing.

Many of these intuitively sensitive and intellectually gifted children are placed within extremely out-dated systems, structures, and paradigms with little acknowledgement about their unique entanglement with Source, their planet, their innate abilities and skills, and overall fundamental Universal belonging that creates for a balanced and harmonious life and sense of self with their entire world.  Every human being is here with blessing to acknowledge, claim, explore, express, and experience who they are at every phase of expansive growth and development and yet energetic, inclusivity and Universal Oneness conversations are not even a part of any educational system outside of collegiate courses in spirituality, offered by spiritual educators.  These are our basic rights to explore and experience within a global changing climate of higher consciousness desires to also create a new offering for our children so that they do not face the same internal struggles and lack of self that many of us have had to heal and transform.

My children enrolled in public, private, and charter schools are suffering in a myriad of ways because their unique needs and desires to energetically explore who they are and the world they exist within does not play any part of any curriculum being taught.  Although charter schools appear to have greater creative flexibilty than public schools, there is still a very long way to go with the basic understanding and knowledge that we are far more consciously aware now than we were twenty years ago, and therefore, our educational and social offering must change to offer the consciousness balance for those entering into the delicate stages of self-discovery and self-knowing.

Many awakened parents can agree that there is little to no discussion or application to energetic understanding of our basic nature of existence, and thus, as a higher oscillating being, can be confusing in every way when one is venturing out into the world and nothing is realy as it seems to be.  What one knows within oneself is crucial and truly should be nurtured to support positive and loving self-esteem and confidence through all stages of development.  
Universal laws, energy, our existence, and our purpose within the heart of Source Creators, is and can be initiated in very exciting and understandable ways to any age, for they have come here already with these encodings within them.  The social systems however do not support or even acknowledge the brilliance and potentials that all children are innate born with.  
I absolutely know the power of profound inner truths and do what I can to emulate and teach these to my children so that they at the very least have an empowering channel to fall back on when they move through daily social challenges.  What global change can occur from thoughtful, caring, and focussed projections? What joy and happiness can be explored and expressed if our children knew their Divine link and entanglement with teams of beings working with them, for them, and in the benevolence of their greater good? What new earthly reality could unfold if every child knew they were breathed into Creation with the most profound unconditional love that is beyond human definition?  How special, how unqiue, how utterly cared for these children are and how limitless their path truly is. How may we integrate these beautiful Universal truths and musings to the very hearts that require it the most?  

Let's begin with collaboration and group-think about what we are able to create and initiate in the home, in our communities, and then create global events to celebrate the love that exists within. Celebrate our new human story unfolding, and celebrate our children that can move with strength and inner knowing that peace and harmony is within each of us to emulate and empower.  These are the beginning phases to our future 'now' earth that is supportive, open, unified, and harmonious and that many of our children will be leading the next wave of evolutionary transformation, and how are we setting them up for a loving exploratory experience? 

We experience the reality exactly equal to what we emit so in this, we are pleased to offer this platform and portal to all those inspired, excited, and delighted to join our wave of light for a higher dimensional educational and social offering to all our children seeking deepened connection with what is innately within them.  

Higher consciousness living and education begins with each of us creating open and loving dialogue about all that we have moved through, and value and cherish the journey that we have all taken to now pave the way for such incredible discussions and social change to begin.  So many of us have ached for the remembrance of who we are within this grander Universal, Galactic, and global-human story, and our partnership with the Divine Creators transcends any and all religion, for it is a fundamental essence that we are all gifted within every realm, within every incarnation, regardless of form and star system we are experiencing. At the core of our basic genetic encoding, we are Divine living light having a uniquely profound human experience.  The heart of being human, the new human paradigm and story for us as a collective and global family has changed, and so too shall we begin new ways of offering all that we have learned.

We have all come forward to express our unique talents, gifts, wisdoms, and skills or abilities, and our children are no different.  They can move through challenge in a way that will be unique to their advances, their awakening within, and their heightened sensings, and they can know that all that they need is held within and move beyond any limitation they face. 

As a parent of three young children, my greatest wish is that they move about their life with loving self-confidence and fulfill their soul and spirit song.  Happiness and self-love, self-value and self-worth is earned through the knowingness of who and what we exist within and understanding the innate link and indestructible entanglement with Creation.  

How may we create? 
We are offering the potentiation for global collectives to join together and begin brainstorming, creating, collaborating new ideas and groups or events to offer our children what is clearly needed and required to meet their desires and needs as a unique child of light.  To create fun, safe, respectful, environments and discussions about energy, about Universal Oneness, and what it means to be One, multi-dimensional, and the innate leader of ones own destiny.  

The need for basic understanding of Unviersal laws, Universal energy, and our multi-dimensional and energetic entanglement with all life is required as we further and advance upon our global integration in years to come with our galactic and Universal belonging.  The more we include and share our journey of light, energy, and love with our children, the more connected and self-aware our children will feel and move about life with little confusion about what resides within and what they are able to create and manifest in their reality.  We are the wayshowers for all future human generations and this is one area in which the gap between who we truly are and what is being taught is more obvious with every passing day.  Our children need and deserve to know their link and entanglement with Gaia, with our cosmic family, with the Divine Creators, and thus knowing the limitless potentials within.  Consciousness awakening is difficult to hide from, for energetic studies and energy awareness is everywhere.

Our wish and excitement in offering this platform is to gather all those that so desire to entangle with the development, the creation, the inspiration of a new paradigm of educational development within our own unique communities and know that our children of light, children of dynamic energetic potentials can have the opportunity at loving self-exploration that we have never seen upon our precious planet earth.  

We will explore such community and social paradigms of creation in these major arean's;
* Community Level Offering ~ What are we able to do at the home, and community level, and how may we begin sharing, caring, and opening up to awakening discussions, potentials within the home and local schools? 
* Global Level Offering ~ Community circles will / can gather, meet, inspire, and collectively commune annually to enhance and improve threaded community need and creative ingenuity. The greater interactivity we have the greater energetic momentum we have to inspire and magnatize solutions, so know that any action, all action will propel social change.  
* Cosmic & Universal Level Offering ~ Ongoing connections and entanglements with teams that are contracted to assist in this growth and development of a new ascending human and new evolving human species (Remember dear lighted ones, many of these Universal and cosmic entanglements have been going on for eons', and many awakened and ascending adults have been introduced to the wisdoms gifted and remembered in our entanglement with our spirit guides, celestial teams, and higher Universal guidance. Our initiation in this arena of youth nurturing and expansion into energetic wisdom will attract and magnetize greater cosmic guidance and help as we expand in all that we do.)

Area's of Interest that are key to initiate, integrate, develop;
* Understanding of Universal Laws, self-knowing, Oneness & Unity, Energetic Entanglement with all life,  and our Universal belonging
* Entanglement with our planetary eco-system, Gaia & human energetic wellness, and life systems within, about, and all that we are here to understand, know, appreciate, evolve, and enhance
* Understanding of sound, crystals, colour, and many ancient traditions brought to life again that inspire collective unity, self-healing, self-awareness, and creative expression with naturally botanical offered gifts

The Power of Oneness
These are only some of the most important areas of profound need of acknowledgement and exploration for our evolving communities to flourish and sustain energetic growth and cosmic development.  Many of us have the joy and excitement within our soul purpose, soul contracts to be the wayshowers, the mavericks of light and pave the way for greater freedom and inclusion of what we know to be true about who we are and what our participation is within our greater Universal family and home.  Oneness is the thread within all family and it is our thread to bring greater alignment and balance in all that we exist within.  
We are One.  We are not separate, nor have we ever been separate from any aspect of any life, and the compassionate offering that each child innately comes with can be nurtured and explored in new and exciting ways that can allow for a new human behavior and potential to give rise.
This platform will be one of exciting inspirations for all those that are keenly attracted to the teachings of a new human paradigm through Universal energy, sound, colour, Universal belonging, and how truly entangled we are to be a part of this incredible evolving potential.  This blog will also offer a space for kids, youth, and family connections to entangle, organize, collaborate, and meet to inspire real change.  

New beginnings start now.  Join us in our global Unity events, community drive to create and inspire these new energetic and Universal learnings, cosmic awareness in a loving and respectful manner, community family energy events, discussion portals and potentials that can eventually allow for those who so desire to join us in creating our own 'Children of Light Temples and Schools.'   I see future earth with such a loving heart and this heart emulates a world that is united in all ways, harmonious and aware, aligned in love.  We are creating the groundwork dear lighted ones for the gallactic aware and open collective that is prepared for off-world contact and inclusions with our celestial inter-stellar families, and children of all star systems can thread within this new Oneness of light. 
Assist us in the awakening of our social educational systems to breathe new light and life into a profound need for greater connection within, so that our world and Universal ties will also benefit from our awakened efforts to self-love, self-honour, and Universal belonging.  
Children are profound light workers and there is potential for us to create inclusivity and belonging in all that we do with the Divine, Creation, our family, our community, our world, our Universe. 
Please join us in this grand global celebration; sign up for our newsletter, look into the global family ascension events, and let's begin the dialogue and community offerings for energetic events for our incredible children of light.
The 'Universal Child' is being born!
Blessings and great joy,


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