Friday, 14 December 2018

The Perfection of Your Heavenly Truth

Greetings dear lighted ones,
In one of our (ULWHC) most treasured and special offerings that we are so very passionate about is the potentiality as humans, as Divine living light beings, and the essence embodiment of Source, and how may we ignite remembrance, awakening, and co-creating in the like vibration of this blessing.

This statement, this truth, is the foundation of what and who we are, and what we are able to create and co-create as we stand together within our loving light.

There will be much to unfold this coming year; the undeniable, the indescribable, some further social density releases, realignments to greater fairness, balancing within a higher truths within a global and collective scale.

We will be forever bringing forth the authentic truth of the Divine within; for this is our essence. We are meant to live in liberation and creative joy; and how may we begin with this in every new moment to know we are the masters of something so new, so pure in heartfelt truth, that the All will be forever touched by a song of human exaltation. This heart-felt resonance has yet to be experienced here upon earth; how may we begin in the co-creating of this harmonic ceremony of our birth? How may we begin to exalt and honour this Divine and Heavenly graduation of our Universal-Omni becoming? 

Aligning with the Purest Creational Truths
How may we align within the simplistic undeniable truths and benevolence of Creation? 
* Joyful creating
* Joyful self-knowing, self-exploring, self-honouring
* Infinitely creative within-without
* Sovereign, Liberated
* Intelligent & Powerful in Divine Will
* Benevolent within All life
* Compassionate, respectful of all life
* Unity Consciousness, Oneness ~ Human Oneness, Galactic Oneness, Celestial & Heavenly Oneness, Omni-Presence in Oneness
* Unconditional love
* Empowering
* Encouraging
* Inspiring
* Inner Peace
* Harmony and balance
* Multi-Dimensional Infinite
* Vital, Healthy & Well........and on and on,

Aligning within Source, the infinite lives through you. Creation lives through you. Love becomes you.

This will be our celebration energy for our class on the solctice; 21Dec2018 as we create a global, collective lighted invocation of our peace, our harmonic song of liberated truth, honour, and compassionate grace for all life.

For those that so desire to join in this prayer, invocation, alignment, meditation, celebration; remote or live; here is the link; 
DECEMBER 21, 2018 Winter Celebration & Ceremony
We are powerful beyond measure; let's begin.

Join us for our final KCOR live weekly ascension show tomorrow; we will spiral within some special honouring energies; ~~~
Join us 
Our Final KCOR Etheric Chamber Celebration & Ceremony of Human Light

Alignment within who you are, what you desire for our new earth, and how this looks, feels, sounds, and unfurls is key to clear the way of what your heart aches for. Garner the resonance of your heartfelt inner knowing, and playfully create! 

This is your gift. If you can imagine; you are held so very gently, carefully, with honour, with Divine compassion for every step you take, for ever choice gifted, and how your light, your essence of the Heavenly within is able to live through you so uniquely, so innately, so creatively that new worlds, new potentials, new rainbows of joy can be seen, felt, inspired anew. 

We are each here to explore, expand, express, and dance the dance of the ages in all of our lifetime preparations; this is the one in which we catalyze anew! So dear ones, in whatever arena you partake in, in whatever you see, feel, or sense that is unfolding around you, BREATHE and remember your most simplistic higher truth; YOU ARE ONE WITH SOURCE. YOU ARE ONE WITH LOVE. YOU ARE ONE WITHIN CREATION. Infinitely profound what truth resonates within you, and what you can merely 'let go' and know that all truths, all vibrations, all experiences will entangle perfectly at the resonance that each hold. This is Universal design. Perfection. 

In whatever is being offered by whatever group, teacher, speaker, public party, or government body; 'how does this feel for me and what is my truth of my desired earthly reality?' You have the power to own this power and act within the light that you are. Anchoring your light, honouring your light, offering the ALL that you are in grand excitement, joy, and truth is what we are all in the process of remembering and feeling our way within. Self-joy has not really been a human trait and human behaviour that we have emulated without alot of ego; so it is within great and sacred awakening that every step of our Heavenly journey be appreciated, honoured, valued, for it is your song, your story, your new harmonic vibration that will set you on a course for 2019 and beyond. 

How may self-love, self-honour, self-joy, grace, and compassion be held so dearly for you in all moments of this Heavenly path? Miracles and majesty is held within every living breath that you allow yourself such blessings, and this I know to be true. The Heavens dear ones, are within you. You feel This, you can align with This, you can honour This within your own silent, soft, opening to acknowledge how Divinely perfect you have always been.

Such self-defining questions will allow you to hold your own unique light, your own unique inner knowing, and give you the space, inner reflection you need to know what has Divine meaning and excitement for you and how you are best able to act and offer as your creative gift.

So very exciting how we are able to transcend anything that unfolds; for we are the grand gesture of the Heavens to hold our light, and begin anew.

Blessings and graceful joy,

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