Thursday, 28 June 2018

The Cycles of Healing & Truly Understanding Our Multi-Dimensional Genius

Greetings Dear lighted ones,
I was inspired to write this on a facebook post I was privy to and connected with and how uncanny that just as I was making my morning coffee, I sent out an excited ' wish filled ' offering to the Universe of my passions, joy, excitement and wisdoms for the assistance of all others and those that are inspired and attracted to such material. I have known for some time that my passions to inspire, empower, teach, guide, are within the very DNA, for I cannot explain the ushering, the urging I have to share, to offer, to be a part of the awakening human family journey to explore the Universe, the Omni-presence within and it can only be explained when the epiphanies of 'inner knowing' flourish into a new version of you. I feel this as I offer, as I express, as I share and know that this cycle of transformation is filled with so many gifts that allow one to truly feel 'Godly' and loved by the Universe. As I own and honour my passions, the excitement shows me, guides me, allows me to unfold and unveil the truths and wisdoms within that I have been a part of, that I have created, that I have treasured in many earthly and celestial star systems and planets to honour thyself and the All that exists within. I share this with you as because I have moved through more emotional and multi-dimensional healings to have this be the treasures that I know to be true as Universal cycles in evolution for the dynamic cosmic humans that we are; masters are those that clear the way and share, assist, honour, and empower to show others that it is all possible. By example, our love, our inner knowing, our soft and loving compassion CLEARS the way for others to also create their own potential for self-awakening; but don't have to in the allowance of 'free will.'  

I am you, you are me, and we are profoundly ready for a new human paradigm of joyful co-creations. And so we begin. 

When you follow your passions, your excitements, your inner ushering, you entangle and connect with the God Within, the soul mapping that is you. This soul mapping, or consciousness mapping is the ALL of you threading into this now moment to assist, to bring forth, to honour the soul blueprint, the Godly design that you have created at your most highest state of being ness and awareness. When you are ignited, so too is the ALL of you that is also threading and being moved into their unique directions of sacred play throughout the Universe within the ALL of you that is spiralling with Creation. 

It is important to know, remember, that as you heal, as you forgive and release, so too will your ability to open, to flow, to surrender into the grander version of your Allness and then offer this forth. There are Divine cycles and orchestrations and why we move through such profound stories and are urged and ushered into healing ourselves in new and dynamic organic ways. We are masters and we are coming full circle into new paradigms of behaving and trusting ourselves as God children and to explore and express in new ways in all moments. We are creating what we have never experienced here in human form, and how utterly blessed we are to be gifted this precious moment to honour, to love, to bring to an awakened state and honour anew!

Here is my post to remind those that so desire the importance of our emotions, why it is important to honour them, and how it is an important cycle in healing and moving up, out, on. 

One important thing that all of humanity is awakening to; especially those that are parents-/teachers, that are now opening dialogue to assist in the re-balancing of our children; there is no 'bad' emotion. There is, a Universal truth that we are all eternal, infinite beings and in human form, we come with a miraculous gift to feel, to create, and to co0create in the myriad of ways and manners that we can. Healing oneself is the honouring and allowing of all emotions. There is no bad emotion. Our emotions are an integral part of our Christed ability to manifest, to co-create, and allow us to deepen our compassion, our desire, and will be how we create profound vortexes of light and energy to expand our human consciousness. Healing these misunderstandings about who we are, in every way, is why we need and begin to validate and acknowledge whatever arises with loving compassionate mastery within ourselves to allow the Universal inner child to be heard, honoured, loved, and healed.  This is inherent in the cycle of expansion and healing. And why this is so crucial to begin to re-align to a higher truth and begin expansive creative loving discussions about our multi-dimensional genius for our childrens' living in wellness and balance.  

We are designed to feel. We are designed to be masters of our feelings, emotions, however what has been missing in all of our human teachings, is that we have been taken outside our bodies for the inner peace, wellness, balance that Source aligns, the God within aligns when we are feeling such challenge. We are multi-dimensional beings. We have multi-dimensional bodies that very few understand or and are not taught in any systems of wisdom, schools, or religions, and therefore, many go through life feeling stretched, pulled, and confused about who they are, what they exist within and what exists within us. 

This is where awakening and the beginning of seeking wihtin begins. However, there is still the misunderstanding about the multi-dimensional bodies and there is not 1 person that is devoid of this and the lessons of rebalancing and honouring this. Every human is here to remember, rebalance, honour, love, and be fully embracing of the ALL that our multi-dimensional bodies offer us, for our bodies, are our temples and we are able to manifest, co-create, align, and enlighten to a 'light body' potential. In this, we are able to release, to heal, to love, through forgiveness and expansive self-acknowledgement the ALL that we are. Therefore, understanding why we feel what we do and honouring it, not suppressing it or ignoring it. 

There is much to remember in this way and as we do, we allow the bodies; physical, mental, emotional, etheric, to clear, rebalance, and allow it to enlighten in preparation for the Light body that is the wellness and health of our chakra's, body, mind, soul that includes the 4 lower bodies, and many in the higher dimensional play that we are all preparing to live within. As above, so below. We are right now, balancing and healing the 4 lower bodies to allow for the higher bodies to merge through the Merkabah light work we all do when we honour our feelings, forgive, love, and gift ourselves compassion and stepping beyond the fear and limitations our /we have all set for ourselves. 

We live in a dynamic time, celebrate, and know your are worthy of the inner path to know oneself as infinite. There are few civilizations in our Universe that have the range of emotions that we do, the key is to understand fully the richness and bring back in to embrace, honour, and accept through eternal process of self-love. The key is through this Omni-presence understanding we remember how to realign to center, to ground, to work in loving communion with Gaia, with humanity, and within our Grander self to always breathe in higher knowing to a healthy centre-point.  As you release and heal, as you self-love, honour, and express oneself with excitement, exaltation, one is ever-adjusting the fluxes through which one use to sway to. The sway between devastation, challenge, and sadness become lessened, and begin to create a curve of potential to more and more self-joy, bliss, and centering. 

There is nothing that we are not able to heal, create, and manifest through our own inner exploration and expression. Our consciousness, our multi-dimensional bodies, all that we are is a gift, a blessing of dynamic and profound Heavenly experience, and we are here for this remembrance and re-activation.  We are ever-shifting into our inherent Universal wholeness and unconditionally loving thyself to love all others. 

And so it is. (just had to offer this, it is what I teach and why I am here) humanity is rebalancing and so honour yourself and all others as we are moving through these profound remembrances. 

~ Love & graceful joy,
 Joanna L Ross (


Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Stepping Out of the Old

Stepping Out of the Old
Our consciousness in the collective frequencies are allowing greater and greater genetic potentials to be brought forth within every new generation of humans being born. 
Children now are threaded within a unique and advanced genetic potential that allows them to feel, to know, to intuit, to sense themselves and the world in new ways; what are we doing to provide stimulating and multi-dimensional platforms to assist their ignition of the God within, their creative gifts, their unified collective joys to serve, and honour them in their paths of evolution?

Our children sense and see things in the way that we are only touching upon now; it does not mean placing them into categories and boxes that do not align with 'old paradigm' thinking, diagnosis, or as if they do not fit. 
They are anchoring an entirely new multi-dimensional energy that will serve generations, earth, and our Universe in ways that we simply do not fully understand at this point, however we can begin to inspire, empower, and celebrate liberation in and from old world restrictions, systems, and structures that hold them back. 
This is why it is so very key to follow your excitements, follow your inner ushering on what is requiring shifting within your daily family paradigm. Your heart, an electromagnetic field is genius and radiates an inner knowing, the inner sensing that your ego-mind often challenges to 'remain in fear' for it doesn't know what the heart will always know. There is no separation, there is no fear, there is the ushering to open and allow the Divine destiny that is directing you forth into a paradise if you will so allow it. 
There is profound movement and understanding that we are just opening up within,
Blessings and graceful joy,
Living sacredly means opening your Divine Sacred Heart and living within it, being it, emanating it, and loving yourself within this sacred joy. New movement, new inspirations, new sacred sharing, sacred knowing of one another assisting each other in union, harmony, rebalancing and co-creating with the Divine essence that is YOU!

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Sacred Play Ignites Creating Outside the Box

Greetings Dear lighted ones,
What does Creating Outside the Box mean for you?
What small shifts in every day life can you create to step outside 'old world paradigms.'
Thank you Jamie (Awakening Our Truth) for posting and sharing our living light Divine Inner temple, God within explorations, and our weekly Sacred Soul Tribe gatherings; 
Creating Outside the Box,

Monday, 25 June 2018

Being Ushered Into Heart-felt Joy

Greetings Dear lighted ones,
The webbing of Divine orchestration, soulful destiny, soulful purpose, altruism and unity consciousness will usher you, inspire you, empower you to focus your hearts desire in profound ways. How may you soulfully serve your passions? How may you honour and cheer others that follow their passions? These few simple acts of unity and expansive action allow for profound alchemic 'calling forth' of the synchronicities that serve your Divine soul purpose. 

All life, all beings will be touched by the Omni-presence excitement for evolution and heart-felt sacred living. 
Here is the link from our live podcast from Saturday;
Topics; Creating Outside the Box
Creation is this profound, so too are you.
Enjoy the infinite & eternal joys and ushering of these Creator Source blessings, 

here is the right link to the email description from yesterday.
Topics; Creating Outside the Box

Daily Affirmation 

I allow joy to live through me.
I expect mastery & love to flow through me.
I expect my inner light to organically flow through me.
In all I face, in all I create, I stand within my inner light & inner joy to co-create within Creation.
Powerfully aligned.
Your consciousness is the webbing portal that acts from your tonal commandments and guidance. You are the master of your Sacred Temple of light. How may you create in this knowing? How may you arise in the self-love that is designed in this?
Enjoy your Divinely designed and supported path of wholeness, reunification, and loving self-joy,
Join us for 08/08 Sacred Anchoring of the Divine Crystalline Temple of the Diamond Heart
Blessings and joy,
Joanna L Ross

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Creating Outside the Box ~ You are Divine!

Creating Outside the Box

Project your infinite joy into the reality experience you desire.
Align within a visualization that is as infinite & profound as the Christed grids through which we are embedded & supported by. You are an eternal & infinite master of love. 
Divinely loved and lovable you are.

See and know the greatness in all beings, in all things.
Empower the greatness in all beings, for it may be the very portal of potential they need to arise within the love and knowingness you offer and know within them. 

Your children, just as you did, require that you always see, always know, always empower and inspire the God within them to shine forth. Speak of this knowingness, and usher to their hearts with authentic compassionate love; 'I believe in you. You are unique, you are required, and you are as special as the moment you chose to be here. There is God within you, and I know you will walk your path in excitement to be purely you.' 
Blessed be the one that carries unconditional faith of the Love of God within. 
And so it is.
In graceful joy and love,

Here is our podcast from yesterday;
Topics; 'Creating Outside the Box' 
Ascension Saturday's -->



Saturday, 23 June 2018

Creating Beyond the Box

Greetings dear lighted ones,

Every Saturday we gather globally, etherically, Universally to explore, expand, muse, create new vibrational light fields to dance within; for those who so desire, a rich human experience awaits. 
Many can feel the propulsion, inner need to co-create with soul tribe, to gather, commune, to co-create together. This is a quantum energy feeding one another to inspire new systems,new beginnings,new resolve for much of humanities needs ailments. 
We are being inspired and ignited from within to gather in light, in love, in joyful expression to create anew. We are this profound family of cosmic-humans coming to life to bring forth, call forth spirit from within and mould a new earthly-Universal reality in which we all thrive, we are all well and balanced, vital and abundant in all ways. In this dear ones, lets celebrate these magnificent times. 
Join us at 11:00am MST

Blessings and joyful grace,

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Happy Summer Solstice ~ You are the Change Blooming!

Group intention, sacred sharing, sacred Divine communion, setting forth love-light creates!
When in a group setting with a focussed heart-felt pure intent, we make ripples indescribable to the words in which we have. 

We are each here to share, to inspire, to ignite anew. What are your excitements? Create and inspire groups to send love light soft and creative expressions of our advancing human potentials to gaming companies, internet companies, the human and Gaia collectives, to flora, to fauna, to wildlife, to the air and to governments. Whatever you are inspired to change, or see change, be a part of it. 
A great ripple of light is held within light. Send love light. Offer love light, be love light, and this creates such profound change portals for others, systems, and paradigms to change. Awareness is acknowledging of your own inner light, inner power, and then to act in loving compassionate action to anchor anew.  Being love light, offering love light, blessing with soft and compassionate intentions of love light, and speaking of love light creates the most profound ripple effect of change and heightened dynamic human experiences. 

You are this profound! How may we co-create to begin in this heightened state of being as Divine Christed light? Being in a state of open, Divine, Loving heart is propelling and magnetizing profound change. Love is.
Happy Summer Solstice Dear lighted one.
So excited and celebratory on this summer solstice ~
Anchoring in the light of the Heavens, 

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Healing, Rebalancing, New Sacred Living ~ Wellness within the Family

Greetings dear lighted ones,
As a mother, as a vibrational healer and teacher, I am always toggling the reality of collective guide for humanity and the changes and shifts we are being offered from the Divine, and simultaneously seeing it play out within my own family, how the children are affected, and how to rebalance and bring peace, harmony, and joy within a transitioning experiencing to a heightened world potential. These are what each and every one of us are experiencing, to varying levels of experience and our greatest task, among many, is to truly step outside of our comfort zone and begin anew in all ways. 

As we enter into a summer solstice and abundant summer ushering, it is the perfect time to create anew, start those 'outside the box' experiences that will catalyze a new way of Divine sacred living and bring balance and peace within all matters of daily earthly human life.  There is much we have forgotten over the many eons of time here upon this incredible planet, and we are now being awoken from the cells and akashic memories to re-engage, re-entangle, and commit to a new way of behaving that will bring open Universal communion in ways we have never imagined but know within our hearts is our celestial celebration awaiting us beyond the veils.

To bring balance & harmony as a potential within our families, to our children, that are truly aching to feel the inter-connectedness within the All, is first birthed within us. Offering the children into the heights of their birthright is our task now. 
We are now entering into a phase of not only Divine collective altruism, but also the engaged responsibility of creating, ushering, offering a new light template and potential for our Heavenly children brought Forth in human form to assist our entire collective evolution. 
How may we bring every moment of our familial engagement and interaction to new heights of Oneness, support, unconditional love, and profound inter-connectedness with Gaia. These are the primal attributes required for not only healing the ailments and imbalances of our children, but also our integration of higher intellect communication and quantum travel within our Universe. 
Divinely excited and Divinely profound,
And so it is,
Join us this morning as we dive deeper and with great joy into these ascension and crystalline children topics;