Thursday, 27 June 2019

5th Dimensional Truth ~ Foundations to the ALL

We must remember dear lighted ones,
We are shifting, collectively from a 3D construction of reality to a 5th D reality that has the Divine foundations of love, light, Oneness, and service for the ALL; integrity, discernment, compassion & love, and creative sacred exploration and expression.  The 3d dimensional experience has been a profound experience within Creation and this Universal of polarity for us to take a spirit-matter God Consciousness to its farthest in separation and awaken to our way in return to our wholeness in Oneness. 

This may sound simple within a sentence placed within others, but I will say this from a personal and most humbled way; it is not for the faint at heart and for those truly willing to know themselves at every level, accept themselves at every level, honour themselves at every level, and begin to create, live, and behave in heightened manners in living in Source Oneness, the journey must be taken; for IT IS SACRED and will require the skills, capabilities, and mastery through which Source will bless you with every step of the way as you unfold within it.

These are a part of 'The Sacred Four' that was put into a video and will be a regular offering as to how this affects our multi-dimensional bodies and maintaining balance and wellness as we open and release from EONS of imbalance, greed, lack, fear, and limitation; 
These shifts will accelerate in what we are offered, quotient, meaning that we will absolutely feel it; as we feel now; a need to purge lack beliefs within, emotional falsities and the soul's desire to live as light and love. You CAN do this, you were Divinely designed to do this, however it will take that you be truthful and authentic with your own innate desire to love ALL that you are; not to possess or acclaim any one thing, or to possess a skill, or feel popular as an acclaimed channel, or intuitive, but to truly feel the burn within your heart that will begin a path that once offered and stepped upon will show you the most intricately sewn magic, wisdom, blessings, and love that one could ever colourfully imagine. 
I may write further and deeper upon the blessings of this path in the elegance that I have discovered and wept within from the past several years and defines and paint the most glorious picture of new beginnings of the human potential and story within an awakening galactic family that is as excited to be and play with us as we are to explore and co-create within it.

The importance of this article was to introduce a short video series that I was inspired to create through my trials and tribulations of the many and numerous 'dark nights of the soul' and how we are ready to 'redefine' and allow for the new heightened wisdoms of our multi-dimensional bodies to open in the allowance of the light body that IS our ever-threaded Oneness with Source as the journey avails us in all moments. 

As we step forth in these grand exciting times of re-constructing a more Heavenly reality, through our hearts, we open the portal and set the vibrational and experiential example for our children.

In opening up to a flow of the soul within, these sacred four attributes will be sensed, felt, and brought into moment-for-moment living and the carving out of our Divinely dynamic light body.
This I know to be true, and something, if It can be defined in any human word, is beyond description or colouring; but suffice It to say; there is a profound CREATIONAL FORCE of such PROFOUND softened and gentle love that will and can, and does re-shape every aspect of your being~ness and this is our souls Divine discontent that keeps us seeking, keeps us striving within to evolve within our ever-triumphed and darkened path to evolve within and through in honour of this sacred relationship and Oneness. 
You see, as a visionary, as a crystalline adult, as an awakened human-spirited passionate being to serve, I have the been blessed with the gift of 'seeing' and although a most blessed gift most of the time, during such times of advancement, it can be terrifying to see, to know, and to feel the darkest aspects of oneself, of society, and of other realms that can bring one to the brink, to the edge, and why it has been defined and termed as the 'dark night of the soul' or misunderstood as the unfolding of the 'mid-life crisis.  When all that one is within, what the soul knows of ITSELF, demands our undivided attention to evolve, or not. Free will.  

Those willing to move within a heart-felt softened devotion with Source, with Creation, with love will feel the blessings and well deserved self-love and honour in return that truly is of no quantifying way that can be written, and nor should it be.  It is merely the words we have to paint what many will, have, and can be offered if majesty of higher dimensional living and BEING is desired at the soul and heart level; for there is much more to this than merely living in co-creation with our celestial families; we are being prepared dear lighted ones for greater cosmic, planetary, Universal service, and why we have to move through the various heart-wrenching experiences that we do.  Our souls absolutely knew what we are able and ready to handle and can be a liberator to share and help others. Unconditional self-acceptance and self-honour at the level of the Christ is mastery, and requires our humility and reverence with good will to persevere upon the narrow and blessed path. 

There are teams, councils, groups, and beings of Divine and sacred love with you every step of the way.
When you feel yourself waivering in doubt, or fear, know that this is a natural release of what no longer is needed and for your Divine and heartfelt acknowledgement to own your own power, your own wisdom, and mastery to know when to release and move into something more profound.
For you have earned the right, the joy, the light potential that comes from such acknowledgement when these 'energies' arise and how this is a tool for you to gain the mastery you came for, to practice, to honour, to hone, to develop, and to share forth. We are each masters for one another, and how we alter the ALL of Creation and share our Divine light for generations and planets from the ALL; for we are within it ALL.

Fear not dear ones, you are loved, you are surrounded and always have Heavenly help; for those that so desire, I will be starting a new 'Morning Love Series' very short video offerings available on our YouTube channel to help move through profound shifts in higher vibrational energies, how to direct and carve a new reality, and heal anything that comes forth for your Divine embrace. 
I have truly been through it ALL.....What a ride......These joyful series offerings will be Heavenly rituals to align at the heart center; unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, and apply, intend, invite and allow the flow of Source within through all that we are. 

Stay tuned and the first offering should be available tomorrow for those that desire soulful and soft honouring and crafting of the lightbody as Source invites us. There is an underlying truth that we rarely talk about in ascension, and why we move through what we do, and are opening to the core of who we have been in all realms, in all earthly lifetimes; we are limitless beings that have been, done, and experienced it ALL; and are here to anchor greater light, wisdom, honour of our human-Universality, as we serve and explore well into the unknown and be truly prepared in every way for it. 
Source would have it no other way. It would be like, sending your child into the pebbled and rocky playground without shoes or socks, or out to a stormy ocean with only an inner-tube.  Source, the Creator, God, IS the love of all life, all Creation and desires our most heightened experience of this blessed offering; no less.

Join us for our weekly 'Morning Love Series' to create morning rituals of sacred light body, Heavenly - Earthly Human manifesting, creating, and living 5th dimensional sacred wellness and alignment with Source and exploring our own innate foundations to the ALL.

Check out our youtube channel weekly for updates and offerings, as well as our facebook;
JoannaUniversalLoveLight :)

Blessings and light,

Friday, 21 June 2019

Summer Solstice Energies & Gathering

Greetings dear lighted ones,
Here are our weekly ascension offerings, tips, and energy potentials in this very special time with links to recent video's, and a Divine and Sacred gathering today at 3:33pm MST for those that so desire. Enjoy these Heavenly offerings and know you are always supported and unconditionally loved. 

There are so many beings and councils helping us;
A Divine and profoundly purely benevolent tribe within and without and should you require a miracle;
Be reverent in loving grace and beckon it forth.
Source is within ~ loving you, guiding you, supporting you.
You are dearly loved.

My teams have suggested there are profound portal energies tomorrow and over the next few weeks to help align with the dimensional timeline you desire at the heart level.
Create the intimate time for heart aligned visualizations, affirmations, and mediation to surrender into this Divine upliftment ~
~~~ Our most recent alignment and meditation through sound, song, and toning;

This I know to be true dear lighted ones,
'There is Majesty beyond what we have words to colour.'
There are miracles occurring within the flow that IS Source within the ALL; dancing, joyfully co-creating, within infinite fields of play, of experience, of the invitation that just perhaps this is the essence that swims within us each right now awakening, awaiting, and answering our own call for deeper, richer, more purity of life, of love, and of sacred entanglement.

This I know to be true dear ones.
There is a miracle, now, now, and now.....worlds within worlds, galaxies within galaxies, and Source within Source, for this is the love of the Creator alive and pulsing every breath and heart beat until you tune in and dance along......
This I know to be true; the depth of love, tender care, support, and miraculous play is ever deep, as the love and joy there is for you.

I have seen, I have felt, I have known, I have heard, and I am such the bringing forth of what can only be a miracle; seen and offered time and time again, until I have truly accepted this within myself; richly, deeply, purely. And so it is. 
This I know to be true. I bow in reverence; Divine Source, Creator of the All, the profundity of love.
Grounding, centering, anchoring and much activations going on to allow for the higher resonance light energies;
Pinging and prickling in the sensory, frontal cortex, speeding up in the root;
Tune in and allow for extra rest, time with Gaia, grounding and breath work in serenity and peace ~ 

The higher vibrational Source offerings will require deeper focussed grounding. Call in this sacral connection with Gaia through intention and visualization and all other activations will follow suite.
Blessings and great full joyful Heavenly upliftment,
Summer Solstice Sacred Gathering 
For those that so desire;
Today at 3:33pm MST 

Summer Solstice alignment, sacred communion, celebration and anchoring of new heart joy;
Joanna Ross is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Summer Solstice Sacred Activation
Time: Jun 21, 2019 3:33 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada)

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We will offer sacred light language, toning, vibrational healing through these activations of Divine heart aligned intention and softening within our group energies. 
Share, sing, dance, and be of good cheer,
There is a Divine plan and the ALL is entangled.
Our most ascension sacred teaching; The Sacred Four ~ Honouring and Honing the Soul Essence

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Deepest gratitude and Heavenly light,

Friday, 14 June 2019

The Sacred Four ~ Human - Heavenly Preciousness

Greetings dear lighted ones, 
Here are some outlining concepts, ascension musings for those that desire to tap into the realms of the unseen and begin anew. The vibrational platforms and fields of play that is our God essence being set free to play, to entangle, to begin and co-create like never before. 

Our latest video and sacred offering for the soul tribes, the sacred family, the sacred gathering and etheric chamber, that is our omni-present families and teams, and beings a part of our ALLNESS. 

Titled - The Sacred Four ~ Human - Heavenly Preciousness
time; 1:04:06
Youtube Video -

Description ~ This is a channeled offering and sacred teaching about the vibrations of human evolution into living as 'sacred'
and precious beings of light, human-form, and limitless within the vastness of the new creative fields that we are all sensing and knowing exists.

How may we harmonize our whole-soul essence, into greater love, acceptance, and allowance as we perceive all that we are, all that we exist within and what exists within us, as the sacred and precious energies, sons-daughter, seeds of joy that we are, and how this, allows for the healing, the mastery-practice of new vibrational realities to be offered forth.

Perceiving our world, our ways of behaving, in new ways and offering these vibrations, in sacred play, in small yet profoundly life altering ways moment-for-moment.  How may you muse about perceiving into the innate, the natural birthright of your grace, your preciousness, your sacred essence of love that is Source-You in co-Creation? 

In my own sacred and intimate journey with Source, with Creation, within the wisdoms downloaded and remembered in my inner work, there are always new versions of new dimensional platforms held within our own unique souls blueprints for exploring, expressing, and co-creating within to practice and master. At every new phase, every new birthing, new re-birthing, we each are adding to, contributing to the re-birth vibrationally and physically within our galaxy with Gaia, within the new Universal re-birth, ever expanding the platforms of play and exploration. This is the loving gifts of elegance of the Holy Source Creator for us each in the unconditional blessings and birthright that simply IS.

The Sacred Four vibrational platforms of -perceiving, practicing, behaving that allow you to move through the fluidity of new dimensional experience.

At each new vibrational stage of re-birth, our souls, the Creator, offer up new levels of experience for us each to practice and behave within allow us to further garner new confidence, self-knowing, self-loving, self-creative play. These are the heirarchies that have been presented in many of our audio - radio offerings. As we practice, master, initiate ourselves within, we step forth anew in grander fields of dynamic and vibration.

Why the understanding of our wholeness, our multi-dimensional bodies; mental, emotional, physical, etheric, and how to master the opening within by loving, accepting, and loving the ego-mind into a new perspective of soulful living as the grander Source-soul self.
1.) Divine Integrity - based on previous cycles of experience, vibration, truths, values, morals --> allowing one to feel and stand within higher vibrational inner truth, inner knowing = confidence and clarity 

2.) Divine Discernment - the perceiving of multi-dimensional energies as one opens into the soul essence which is within the ALL. In the perceiving of a wide array of energies, at all levels, based on what any one person is vibrating at in any one moment, it requires that we re-establish greater Divine Integrity, greater Divine Discernment, to choose in wisdom and benevolence for the ALL, which energies, and direction of power can and should be used. Why practice, and allowing one to play within the greater fields of vibration in pure loving compassion, forgiveness, and honouring the ability to choose with higher knowing what will serve the greater good based on the Oneness, Source-Oneness, and unity perspective of Sacredness and Universal truths and laws. 

3.) Divine Compassion and Love ~ held in the unconditional vibration in which every new dimensional level will be filtered through our relationships and daily interactions within the seen and unseen what we prefer and what we do not, and how to truly move about life, in co-creative mode with an unconditional heart. Giving and receiving with the alignment of Source as our fluid entanglement and Oneness. Helping co-create new higher vibrational communities that are intrinsically based within the foundations of loving care, sharing, harmony, kindness and the betterment of the All involved with utter awareness and entanglement with our planet and all life systems within it. 

4.) Divine Creative Sacred Play - the human-Creational evolutionary code of ever-outstretching of light, sacred joy, preciousness within our actions, within ourselves, as was purely and simply the very essence and offering at life's first moment from Source Creator. In alignment with these energies, within these vibrational templates; one can bring forth, call forth, and begin to muse and playfully sojourn in the highest and most reverent experiences of sacred grace. For creative sacred play is the energy of our most beloved innocent child up-liftment that we are each here to heal, and offer to every child, to every new moment in our Heavenly-human unveiling and Divine remembrance.  As we do, we will offer new platforms of vibration and experience for all future generations, and all children for our past transgressions and limitations that require rebalancing. 

Thank you and enjoy our offerings and know that these are high harmonic and tonal, light language offerings, which means that those that are Divinely ready will and may experience activations, and smoothing out as intended by you, through you, with your healing teams, higher selves, and souls councils. 

For those that so desire to help us in our continued production and sharing of these video-audio, illustrations we are accepting donations on PayPal at;

One can further intend upon these teachings as one feels excited to and play as so guided; drink plenty of water, be sure to entangle and play with Gaia to assist in the integration and anchoring of the higher vibrational tones and light codes.  

Blessings and Divine gratitude for your heart, your light, and your sacred joy,


Monday, 3 June 2019

Consciousness Shifts ~ The White Mother Dragon of Compassion and Grace

Greetings dear lighted ones,
I wanted to share the light fluidity of a beautiful vision I just experienced. Sensing the lightness of consciousness being offered in this powerful month of birth, and moreover as we sit right on the New Moon energy, there will always be the reminders of our majesty as we persevere and open within it as US.

Not sure why I feel it is a birthing, but feel the earth summer energy, the lush gardens coming up in remembrance of our beauty to live in Oneness, to release what was and begin anew; and so here I was offered.....
As I sat shuffling my Kuan Yin tarot deck, my eyes closed and breathed in the love, compassion, and mastery I am inviting in so I may stand in my lighted-power, Christic power, and know of my wholeness;

I immediately saw the most elegant, if words can only describe this profound creature of Divine Feminine grace; A crystalline white, opal-essence of soft elegance of a dragon rise up from a mountain peak. This dragon was spiralling up, and dancing in sweetness and soft joy with the local birds and insects; shown to allow for the knowing, remembrance that in the softening of a pure heart, what we have been told as fierce, or treacherous in nature; this dragon was as elegant as the Divine Mother in the Heavens being birthed in the sweet softness of a pre-summer breeze.
This dragon oozed with Christic gentleness; of a vibration I have only felt with the Source Creator and Jesus in my visions and inner work; this dragon was profound in its size, beauty, but so soft, loving, dancing and in joy with Its inter-mingling with all nature as it rose and dove in grace. 
This experience and vision was allowing me to be reminded that in how I have transformed my own inner 'perspectives and scary' memories, to know that through this reckoning through love, through compassion, we can offer through ourselves, our hearts, the new vibrations of such grace awaiting for rebirth in our own red-white path sublimation.

I believe, perhaps a fanciful notion, that we each carry the portal of creative thought, heart-felt joy with Source, to help, to ignite, to inspire sacred life to be born and birthed throughout our Universal-earthly Akashic experiences and assist in the threading and spark of new life; we each come with animal and insect, elemental archetypal energy to help in the re-threading of a new matrix of potential; for I believe we are within it all; our own inner beauty and dragon mother energies, to bless new mountain peaks with graceful love and remembrance of our most peaceful magical energies that are ready for alchemic Heavenly play. 
This Divinely elegant Mother grace dragon was carrying something but I was so mezmerized by her grandeur, I was not focussed on that; I am sensing something like a sphere; 

In short, we are awakening to new realms of consciousness play, and new magical creatures and essences for us to meld, to honour, to co-create within new vibrations perhaps we are all birthing through sacred loving inner knowing that new life is within us each; our creative imaginings and sacred play with Source Creator, the Divine earth, the Heavenly grace within us all; Gaia awakening vibrations of life, play, and to excite us anew to what our potentials truly are. 
Here is our most recent weekly global meditation offered in which Arch Angel, Lord Metatron offering new vibrational codes within our visualization and communal activation.
'The Sacred Love of the Soul'
Happy NEW Moon 
In loving musing of the Creator of love within us all....
Dragon image taken from Pinterst

Ode to the White Mother Dragon of Compassion and Grace ~ Musing of the majesty of New Earth 
And so it is.
Blessings ~ ~ ~Joanna L Ross