Saturday, 1 December 2018

How May we Re-Invent Parenting ~ Multi-Dimensional Divine Parenting

We may perhaps see more unveiling of our need for change in our perspectives about the truth, trust, and inner potential;
Here is an article that will allow us to awaken within a new paradigm shift we are creating with our consciousness and know that we do not have to 'worry' we can choose to shift within the inner knowing of our Divinehood.

This supports the inner temple teachings of how imbalanced we are as a society and the lack of understanding, misinformation, separation, and limitation we are now awakening from and stepping out of; the understanding and Divine remembrance of all beings being Source;

How may we thread heightened perspectives and let go of what we thought we had to control; answer or guide; our children are Divine living genius's and as we empower them, honour them, hold them in this light, the greater remembrance they will have of this ~ these are our Divine birthright and remembrances; we are more than we thought ~

Valuing all that we are first, setting the vibration for our children, setting the tone for true change begins within and allowing our Divinehood to unfold as magically as we are excited to create - this is a new beginning and we can - through our own free will shift our perspective and begin.

How may we begin to shift our perspectives; let go of all limitation, and trust in who we are, what we are, and what we exist within. *
Blessings and graceful honour of being truly you,


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