Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Ushering IN of NEW - 08/08

We are coming up on our Divine and Sacred Lions Gate event, and for those in remembrance of our energies of past years, I am sensing with our Total Lunar Eclipse, the summer energies thus far, our typically energized Lions Gate will be one to remember.
The Lions Gate ceremonies and celebrations for me is steeped within our cosmic and Universal rebirth, our remembrance of who we are at our most core, Divine, and vast potential and thus for me, personally, has been one date that unlike the energies of any other. 
This is a date in which the heart opens, activations, or remembrances of the Divine cosmic family that is always assisting, honouring, and ushering us into our most expansive Universal potentials, and a date to authentically come forth and shine within these Source encodations for a new now moment of unfolding. 
As I have just returned from another beautiful sacred experience, I will be offering, gifting, and bringing forth the immense Gaia wisdom, Gaia activations, and Universal energies I was shifted within to this 08/08 event for those present. This will be also a lovely anchoring and offering of our communal Sacred Soul Tribe space here, as I offer this forth to Creation, for our human - cosmic family to initiate this sacred land in our crystalline cities of light programs of heightened and expansive Universal Christed play. 

I am looking forward to entangling, gathering, offering the healing vibrations of Creation and the Divine Mother Father through me, for you, with you, and know that our collective soils will be forever changed because of it.  
We will dive deeply within new parenting, multi-dimensional sacred living and behaviours that assist in rebalancing, and aligning anew, to a threading that is directly linked with our Christed Divine Sacred Ascension engagement with Creation. This is why we feel the ushering in of new ways to 'BE' and parent, and guide. It is all inter-woven in our evolutionary potentials we are being offered. 

Here is the link to our 08/08 event;
Thank you dear ones, and may your journeys be filled with joy and heart-felt knowing you are Divinely loved, 

Blessings and graceful joy,

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