Saturday, 28 July 2018

Perceive the Radiance in the All ~ Ripples of NEW

How may we begin?
How may we open, release, let go, and allow new paradigms of Divine Sacred play unfold for a new earthly quantum Christed existence?

In all of the challenges our children feel, experience, and come here to transcend, is that of 'not fitting in.' World paradigms in limitation, fear, not measuring up, being graded, being diagnosed, being judged, being defined within small and archaic boxes that simply do not begin to explore their Christedness and their most unique diverse potential.

We are stepping up to raise our beliefs of the ALL that we are, so that we can perceive and open our hearts to perceive our children within the purview of infinite colourful genius beings that they truly are. It becomes obvious within our daily lives when we ask for 'what is required to change' to come forth, it will absolutely show itself to you, for your higher self is at attention in your asking, in your seeking, in your mastery.

What no longer serves will become obvious, and if you softly tune in to their comments, their faces, their dreams that they so bravely bring forth to share, the change will be evident for you to masterfully and creatively begin anew.  When we drop to our Divine Sacred Hearts, when we open and allow our hearts to listen, truly listen, we can feel into the change that is required in all moments to open to the love, the eternal blessing that you are, entangled so richly in this Heavenly gift.

We each ache to live in our Christed joy, and why our children feel and experience the mis-matching of energies and expectations we are now stepping out of.  The inner ache is the inertia for awakening, that Divine quantum edge to push the envelope of our mastery and new evolutionary cycles begin. These experiences are innate within awakening. It is the 'built-in' system expansion and evolution. So how may we begin to explore our expansiveness in the dynamic eternal ways that we are all meant to, and have come here with to share and offer forth?

We have each come forward to be our most brilliant shining self, to share this light, to honour this light, to exalt this Divine radiance, to be in joy of this Divine radiance, and to richly offer the All.
How may we celebrate the birthright of our own diverse purpose, and how may we release 'what will others think?' How may we begin shining the greatness that we each carry, and that the All truly needs.

We are exactly where we are, we are with whom we chose, and this is so because we knew what we were doing in our soulful blueprint, and we knew we had the gifts, skills, intelligence that allows for Divine Sacred change to flow forth.

We knew we had it in us and we knew our power to see, to perceive, to empower, to inspire our children to also feel into their unique radiance, their unique blessings that they each are for collective hearts to beat anew. For dear lighted ones, sacred living is honouring the All and each gift that the All offers to the All; our children are the portals for new life, new Divine imagination, new Heavenly co-creations, and a diverse uniqueness never before experienced upon this earthly sacred soil.

The soft and encouraging voice of change within is the higher self honouring your abilities and capabilities to begin living in the way that you are worthy of. Trust thyself in all your glorious mastery. You know what you are doing, you are a master of rainbow light.

This is a call for celebration! A call to look into the eyes of every being that crosses your path and feel into the vibration of 'Divine honour' within them.  What does 'honour feel like, sound like, and how may we honour others with our open hearts in mindfulness to this?  What does appreciation of thyself, of the one before you truly feel like? For those that so desire, life altering moments is held within soft silent presence to simply 'be' your Godliness, and in the allowance to see all others in theirs.

Be still in the presence of others, be silent, feel into this grace of honour and appreciation and ask for God to come forth; open, allow, surrender, and be amazed at what graceful radiance flows forth. Allow for the grace within to shift your perspective of thyself, of all others, and so too reality ripples anew.  To see perceive all others as Divine, as genius, as honoured, as purposeful, means that we must feel into our own uniqueness, our own Divinity, our own purposeful honour that has always been within ready for our awakening to love and offer forth.  Perceive yourself anew. Feel into self-hnoour.  Feel into the Christed child that you are, forgive what is ready to be forgiven, and feel the upwelling of Gods love change your reality in loving eminence of Heavenly joy sparked just for you.

Feel into the depths of richness that you are, that all children born with already are, and what all beings deserve to be seen, felt, known as. You are a spark of the Divine, the Heavens, and how may you shine forth in this genuine inner knowing, and embody the profundity of YOU!

Crystalline children feel the 'knowingness' and depth of truth in our every word. This is why so many feel the discomfort in the limited and judgmental programs that we are now changing. They sense we speak in genuine inner knowing, or merely speak in hopeful suggesting. How may you love and celebrate yourself within it? You are worthy dear ones, and in this, our children will feel, sense, and know the blessings offered within a heart so ready, so open, to pure that a path has cleared for them to feel it within themselves.

Honouring the path they walk, the Heavenly gifts they have brought forth in their breath and existence, without having to even 'produce' or 'be' a certain way, by their presence they are known by the Heavens, as are you, as we are all, and as are the blessings in all life.

There is Divine Heavenly radiance and purpose, and requirement, and beauty within the soul of every being that stands before you, including you! Celebrate your soulful essence that is calling for a softening into this Heavenly self-honour, self-joy, self-love, and forgiveness that is long over-due to truly live within a new now moment of loving liberation. You are worthy of this inner peace. You are worthy of this exaltation of you, for you, for the All, as do all God children.

What a dynamic time of new! We are so very blessed and feeling the profound potential of what we create in this ripple of self-knowing and readiness to be love.

Blessings and graceful joyful hearts,
We are One.


Thank you Jamie for this lovely YOUTUBE re-creation of our light offerings;


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