Saturday, 7 July 2018

Crystalline Children, New Human Parenting & Perceiving Anew

Greetings dear lighted ones,
For those that so desire; our ascension topics for today, this weekend are about 'Expanding within Mastery Cycles' using our mastery tools, understanding the ascension of our planet, our human collective, we can begin to perceive new heightened potentiation of the way in which we behave, we interact, we entangle, and we engage anew.

Here is our latest BlogtalkRadio episode; July 07, 2018 ~ Vibrational number code; 07/07/11 = 7

Open, allowing, creative liberation, offering, surrendering, are all heightened and expansive vibrations that directly align with the Christed vibrations, the Christed grids, the Christed potentials; and how all that we are; IS the temple of light-love to co-create here anew.

We are awakening to our infinite potential to align within the Christed omni-presence consciousness of Source Creator. Igniting, inspiring, empowering, offering, allowing new systems, new paradigms, new potentials that are in vibrational alignment of these Heavenly gifts-blessings of a new reality experience.

Seeing, perceiving, creating, igniting, coalescing within grand multi-dimensional Universal heightened and expanded intellect manners of walking about our earthly-human-cosmic experiences.

So very excited to gather, commune, and muse anew. Inspire anew. Create anew.

So very blessed and grateful for our sacred sharing,
graceful joy and bliss,

For those that are excited to gather and co-create collectively within a new human potentials;
08/08 Lion's Gate *


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