Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Multi-Dimensional Parenting ~ And We Begin.

Greetings Dear lighted co-creators,
May peace & joy be with you, for it is this peaceable joy that is offered through our hearts today. 
I am feeling such excitement and inner knowing that our changing views, our shifts within are the lush soil for what our children are ready to plant their own seeds of the Heavens within. 
Multi-dimensional parenting is that which we perceive, know, allow, live within an eternal & infinite knowing we are multi-dimensional, Christed in our potential, living within Creation, threading, entangling in dynamic ways & masters to create within it.
We are the co-creators of a profound platform of light,infinite possibilities, Universal potential for our children. How are we serving their creative bliss by the systems of structure we currently have?
Open multi-dimensional dialogue, potential, creative liberation, empowerment of the God within, inspiring their unique gifts and joy, honouring the Divine blueprint and gift they are to Creation, they arrive with, and are purposeful in unveiling within. How may we begin? 

Inspiring a new earthly potential of living within our light, begins in all moments and we each catalyze anew, and our children, our children's children live with an inner knowing, a communion that never turns off, with the God within. With Creation. How Divinely honoured we are to usher this forth for the infinite generations to flow from this eternal loving birthright.
We begin.
Blessings and graceful joy,

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