Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Multi-Dimensional Parenting

A New Perspective

Multi-Dimensional parenting is that which we align our own inner self w/ a limitless,eternal,creative, empowering,inspiring Christed grids, our earthly heart beat; honour the multi-Dimensional bodies that our children are now aching for rebalance & wellness within.

Blessings and gracious joy,
We set the intentional vibration of our sacred home and temple, as within, so without, and in doing so, we allow for the vibrational gateway for our children to begin with a Divine rebalance.
It is time for a new paradigm of miraculous new beginnings for our children, generations to come. We are Divine living light.
And so it is.
And so we are.

Join us for our Lion's Gate Event for a Divine crystalline temple anchoring, a human space, place, healing offering for those excited to begin anew. Our Diamond Heart Sanctuary is our human gathering sacred communion offering.
We hope to see you on a profound Universal gateway 08/08! It begins now!

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