Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Sacred Moments for True Change ~ Divinely Colourful!

Greetings dear lighted ones,

Humanity is awakening into the profundity, the soulful inner knowing, the importance of sacred communion, sacred sharing, sacred tribal remembrance, and our ability to honour living Sacredly. 
Through the eons of multi-dimensional imbalances, we are now beginning to rebalance within; understanding our multi-dimensional temples of light that directly are threaded with Gaia, with Creation, and practice our own innate ability to breathe, centre,  ground,  and honour with a soft knowingness that although we may be of uniqueness, diverse desires and needs; we are a ONE human tribe. 
Tribal sacred living is in Oneness with Gaia, and with the Heavens. Many of us have come here to inspire, empower, and reignite our quantum remembrance of this and how innately we are threaded within the All.  We are creating a new perspective that we are able to live in sacred communion; what this means to each of us, and how we can inherently begin anew in our co-creations with gratitude and appreciation for that which is offered in all moments.

Sacred living is a holographic perspective. We are that which we live upon, within, and co-create with in all moments; firstly with remembering our harmonization with Source, ourselves, our planet, our collective, our galaxy, cosmos, the Universe, the All.  Our threaded planetary essence, the spirit-Universal essence that is Gaia-Terra, is absolutely alive, breathing, Divinely co-creative, and as aware of us as we are with her.  Gaia is ready for our sacred co-creations, she is excited and exalting each of us as we awaken within this innate Creational gift.

As we deepen within our unity consciousness, we will remember and activate our rich earthly wisdoms, ancient tribal practices, soulful gifts, and our Divine entanglement that threads us with our celestial families that have stood by in loving honour as we awaken into such sacredly convergent moments that we uplift eons of separation within our hearts. 

Such sacred moments of Divine remembrance, of quantum ignition truly ripple through the crystalline grids, the cosmic 'space' and honour the reverent bedding of consciousness that IS Creation, that IS our soup to co-create within. You inspiring you. You loving you. You co-creating within an infinite soup of Creatorhood and exploration of new versions, new loving emanations of you. So why not 'let go,' forgive, and love?
Altruism, tribal sacred living, unity consciousness is the honouring, allowing, and respecting the sovereignty that we each have to seek, to explore, to experience, and to express the Divine within. To love all judgments that arise within the self; and to open your heart in knowing that these judgments are the healing of separation, of past beliefs, deep social energetic imprints that no longer serve dynamic evolution, and the separation of our collective that is now stepping upon unified ground in preparation for cosmic reunion.

We have always been Divine and Heavenly human beings of love-light. We are fractals of the Whole. Holographic pieces of the crystalline matrix heart of Source Creator. We have each been lovingly and elegantly designed, and carry a unique colour resonance, vibrational tonal resonance that is felt, heard, and known throughout the vastness of the All.  Our vastness, our uniqueness of own Divine colouring, DNA encoded infinite song is what we are quantumly awakening to and requires that we move through the signs, symbols, and experiences that require our loving acceptance to rebalance.

This awakening is accelerating in its pace, in its focussed intent, in its loving essence, and as a collective, we are all here to offer tones, sounds, and hues to the human song that is Universally unique.  Our gifts, our uniqueness, our skills are threaded within to ignite and bring forth to share and to inspire new socio-economic systems that truly serve the ever-shifting unity consciousness; the All that we are breathing pulse of.

In offering unity consciousness in; we each drift, flow, and set forth upon a path that allows the All to flourish and unfurl within the All that we each are, and as we do, we add to the richness of our human collective heart beat, our human collective potential, and so too does the heart of Gaia-Terra burst with this joy in reunion and co-creation. Trusting the inner flow of your excitements, your intuitions, your thoughts that ignite healing through forgiveness, compassion, and self-love, is innate within living in the flow of the elixir of love, the breath of life, and in doing so, again, you ignite new colours of light within your collective, within the All.

We cannot put into earthly-human words what affects in resonance and colour that you each have. For there are infinite threads of entanglement that you all carry within you, and as you awaken to the love that exists within, as you awaken to your heart-beat with God, you will sense your reality shift, you will feel your reality soften, and the portals of conscious creating will be yours to excitedly navigate anew.

Love ignites, love opens, love honours, love forgives, love allows, love receives, love expands, love transcends, love unifies, love is the emotion through which we were each cast from the heart of Source. Our omni-presence dear lighted ones, is the dreamcatcher through which Source Creator sends forth the most pure and rarified Divine loving essence; we are the Heavenly cast dreams, wishes, emanations, and loving offerings sent like whispers of joy and bliss into the vastness of the All to experience love, express love, create love.  Every galaxy, every planet, every physical-matter that takes form from intention and loving command, takes on the role of 'dreamcatcher.'

We are the elegance of thoughtful, loving intention from the heart of Source; and our role is to align in our highest form of inner knowing and inner faith, to surrender, to open, and to allow the Divine to colour all that we are, as we transition and nourish our inner temple of Christed light body, and to thus then live these colours of light emanations through us as fully as we are able. This is our unique potential that we sit upon right now.

To breathe this in fully; have the very molecules, cells, blood, organs, and potential shifted through our loving conscious direction of quantum co-creations; we then come to life and excitedly colour Creation in our own unique profundity. The breath of life, the elixir of life that we have so often written about IS the ever-eternal flow of Source living through breath, as you open your Divine Sacred Hearts to live in this consciousness flow, you become a quantum-physical creator within the Divine breath, to express, to colour, to co-create with Source, as Source, as a Heavenly cosmic-human in ways that are truly beyond what words are able to define; and why so many will open and feel the transformative essence of the Divine within and desire all moments to live in awe of Its eminence within.

In all moments that you consciously open your Divine Sacred Heart, and acknowledge, own, and allow the inner knowing that you are the essence of both Divine Male, Divine Female in its highest harmonized form; the Mother, the Father energies flowing and living through you in communion and honour of our earthly canvas, and all that she offers, as we lovingly care for one another. As we live intentionally, naturally, organically in this way, knowing that we are in alignment with our eternal Divine birthright do so, that we are aligned within the heart of Source, and so too do we sow the seeds of unity, honour, sacred living, and Divine wellness, balance, harmony, prosperity, for the All.  May we excitedly share in our earthly initiations upon sacred land, sacred gatherings, as we integrate such a rich and colourful intent, for this will open the gateway of love in our temple communions with our celestial Heavenly family.

What difference could these soft and loving intentions inspire and open quantumly the portals of miracles in your daily life? To offer yourself, to present yourself with new light emanations of sacred living in all moments, with all beings, all life even before you step foot to begin your day.  You are the master of your reality experience, and as our world platform shifts to align within new Christed grid encodings, so too will each us be ushered within new light fields of potentials in Oneness.

True inner awakening, deep inner change can be ignited as simply as; morning affirmations, breath, alignment in purity of intent, and altering the words one speaks to heart-felt words of love. True reality shifting can be inspired even as you set the vibration for your temple-your home, your community; the vibrational clearing and cleansing your home weekly with sacred harmonic or tonal intent, or to add loving emanations to the food you prepare and eat, or to radiate with conscious rainbow light in all social entanglements, or within conversations as you heal within yourself deep wounds of abandonment or fear through our own ability to open, forgive, and offer love to the mending of eons of timelines that have been skewed in separation. 
Our children ache for Oneness and unity, for their hearts see a world in most cases, that does not represent what their hearts are here to help shift and change.  This vibrational-reality mis-match is the releasing of what no longer serves and what purely honours and serves the loving multi-dimensional temple that we each are. The path of ascension-awakening is ones own unique inner seeking, inner exploration, inner experience that creates Divine and Heavenly inner remembrance, inner knowing, and through such alchemic shifting, a new outer reality simply unfolds. This is how powerful we truly are.

The inner path of love aligns us within allowing. Sovereignty is the acceptance of, the allowance of, the honouring of our own unique gifts to be brought forth to share, to add to the whole, thus setting the vibration that empowers and inspires others to do so, but not required to; yet still lovingly honouring the All just the same.  This transition is ushering us to soften within all that we are. It is a heart-felt alignment with Source, with our soulful essence within the All, and is how we can all quite organically work harmonously together; together in unconditional trust, in Oneness of our unique richness of essence, of potential, and in doing so we are open to the celestial, earthly, and Heavenly families that have held us so safely and securely in heart-felt knowing these moments would be birthed.

My children often feel the complexity of 'not fitting it' and how this sensation is one that for generations we have all felt to some degree; because we have been swimming so unquestionably in social imprints and controlled systems that have engrained our belief that we must be led, we must do certain things to fit in, or be of acceptance, and to look outside of ourselves for the Oneness and self-love that only comes from within. 

Divine Sacred Living
In these Divine celestial offerings dear lighted ones, we are being ushered to 'let go' and love more deeply. To love thyself, to love all life with unconditional abandon, and with Heavenly expectation of a joyful unfolding, thereby healing the wounds of resentment and separation, thereby simultaneously transmuting fear with loving colourful emanations of Oneness. We are each being offered greater ownership in our co-creations, for this is mastery, and mastery takes self-reflection, honest inner awareness, and the acknowledgement of one own power to create in loving joy. Every master that has ever walked this planet in any lifetime, offered us these same teachings. How Divine you are dear ones to create in loving-light! 

How may you softly reflect upon what is required to change your reality experience? What is ready to be released from old perspectives rising for heightened integration? What words, actions, behaviours can be shifted and softened by your loving heart, your loving eyes, and your loving power to emanate anew? How may you soften into self-love, self-honour, self-care, and how may you surrender into the Heavenly loving flow that ushers in a rich tapestry of living sacredly within Creation?

We Were Sent Forth to Create Through Our Love-Light
It is within our innate, unique ability to create. We each have within us tools, gifts, and skills that open and expand with us as we open, as we allow, and receive LOVE. We are meant to create in the likeness of God. Joyfully with loving soft excitement to send forth our unique light, colour, and child-like wonder in who we are, in exploration and sharing of this Divine blessing of life.  In all of my inner work and channeling, the Heavenly Source Creator vibration is above all undefinably joyful in our existence to explore and love the journey of exploration. The most profound essence of soft undeniable unconditional adoration, sweet beckoning love that is beyond what any words are able to colour, and Is the birthright of each of us to experience in our own unique and diverse way we are open to. 

Divine self-love is being offered moment-for-moment, and as we surrender unconditionally to this, we lovingly accept our own unique placement upon new Christed vibrational reality experiences.  The ever-eternal spiral of co-creation is our offering to love. As we do, so too will this emanate to us in new reality moments. All experiences, all chance meetings, all moments are new opportunities to know love, to experience love, to create and cocreate with others in loving ways. So dear lighted ones, how may you forgive? How may you open your hearts and honour ALL that you truly are? How may you honour thy neighbour, those in need, those in celebration, and how may we each honour the very land that has lovingly adored and supported us for eons? 

Love is our innate colour and frequency. Love is our innate desire, it is the hearts ache and desire to emulate, to radiate, to create within, and love is our own unique Divine healing tool, and as we offer it from our Divine Sacred Heart; be become the colourful pulse that adds to the Creational breath of God, our unique human heart pulse is within each of us to inspire and release in loving gratitude to flow in similitude within the All. You are what colours Creation and our One human heart.

Welcome to the new dawning of rainbow light, and from all tribes, all nations, all corners of our Divine Gaia-Terra, we unite in loving peace; we are One.
You are a Divine image of the Heavens. You are perfect, your are colourful, and you are pristine in every way. And so it is.
These integrations of sacred living are so very key to our collective awakening, our collective rebalancing, and our collective mastery as a planet of peace, harmony, and joyful cosmic co-creations. It is within our Divine earthly-human-cosmic birthright to arise in such colourful display of love-light honouring the Christed omni-presence and uniqueness within us ALL.
We are all rainbow masters of Heavenly joy,
Thank you dear human family, may you be blessed in graceful joy,


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