Monday, 23 July 2018

Is Reality of Your Colouring & Creation?

Your awareness, your creativity, your heart-felt loving self-joy, your purity of will, your unique Divine imagining is what IS the catalyst to creating beyond what has ever been created. 
When any one thing, object, being, synchronicity crosses your path, what do you perceive? Is a tetrahedron a tetrahedron, or are you able to spiral it within anew? Is a flower a flower, or is it unfurling due to your entanglement and interaction with it? There is nothing that we do not affect, or the All that is affecting us in the spiral of experience, co-creations, and quantum movement of love.
Your heart is always given a new opportunity to love more fully, more completely, more unconditionally, and to then co-create and share within Creation from this gift. This is the ever-eternal push and pull of quantum birth, experience, mastery, death, rebirth. Masters of evolution and loving creational joy; and so it is. 

We each gift, play, dance within a quantum array of Divine alchemy, and why we are each here, and why we each perceive what we do so uniquely. How may the physical ground you walk upon shift in delight in this knowing?

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