Friday, 26 May 2017

Alchemic Healing, Circles of LOVE

Thank you and gratitude to Jamie Awakening Our Truth for this great video's and how lovely our global event was yesterday ~ profound soul tribe that came forth to gather and just BE within our unique soul love.
Our new loving light is now, is within, and you are required in all ways,
Thank you and great joy,
How may you create in this loving moment ~ 
Join us tomorrow for our weekly ascension radio show and we welcome 2 guests in light ~
Profound lighted wisdom, lighted goodness and pure vibration of light, the God-Self within coming forth to play, 
Blessings and great joy,
Joanna L Ross
* We had such a lovely gathering yesterday in this special new Moon, Ascension Day offering that we are going to create a sharing light alchemic circle monthly. These will be similar to our monthly classes - 60min., once a month, to share, thread new light, alchemically gather to commune in tone, movement, and Divinely gifted wisdoms and love to our new paths we are anchoring. 

Creating change, creating a new earthly reality in which one is free, liberated to play, to create, to explore, in which our children so deeply need, is up to each of us to inspire and create.   Create community and family circles of sharing, love, and pure heart-felt listening.  Mastery is this. Sharing of love, in caring and unconditional circles of intent to be One, to be unified in our purity of heart and how profound this healing is for those suffering, searching, lost, and aching for belonging.  

There is nothing stopping us ~ there is the limitless within, and in this, all things are possible with love and light,
And this I know to be true. 

If you are interested in these high vibrational gatherings to have your name placed on our newsletter list for updates and info - Our next session will be when I return from Peru - Summer solstice, 

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