Thursday, 1 June 2017

Summer Ascension Portal Ignition

Greetings dear lighted ones,
I am so excited to be heading off to Peru tomorrow morning and will surrender into the Universal offerings and Divine offerings to allow for the complete merging and entangling with such profound and magical energies of this ancient land and portals ~

I will likely not check my emails or repond, however if you desire to dance and entangle, you are more than welcome to remotely entwine with us and intend to be present with the Divine PachaMama 

JUNE Ascension Events ~ I will return for our Summer Solstice Afternoon Ceremony and global zoom event on June 21, and Chris will be sending out newsletters for the registration of these.

AUGUST Ascension Events ~ Here is our link for the Japan event; a two week visit that will consist of 4 workshops, and 8 days of private healing, session entanglement in person ~ 
If you so desire for those clients that live in the area, or perhaps you desire to entangle for a vacation ~ Our love and light to you ~

SEPTEMBER Ascension Events ~ For those that desire to entangle with me and 2 other Divinely incredible wisdom speakers and channels, join us in our celebration September 3, live stream from your home, or live seats in Victoria BC, Canada, my hometown, for this incredible all day event at the Horticultural Gardens of Victoria, for discussion, alignments, meditation, and channeled wisdoms. 
For those that desire to attend ~ this event is being advertised and promoted globally in a myriad of ways by many people; so if this excites you, you may want to book your seat early.

Blessings and great light and joy dear ones, 

Art by Shiloh Sophia

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