Sunday, 25 June 2017

Divine Garden of Light

Good morning crystalline light bearers,
Reach for the stars, for you are there.
Reach for the Heavens, for you are there.
Reach within and so too are all things ~ there is nothing you are not. 
When we let go of placating to what others think, or how others react we allow the authentic light of who we are to shine forth and change the All. May your words heal, may your creativity imagine, may your heart love, and may your wings soar ~ you were born to live in this perfection of self-love.
In all of our ascension, enlightenment, and awakening work, know that your children are ready to be included. They are aching for higher dimensional communication, for entanglement, and for the connection that they already knows exists. Talk with them about their dreams, their wishes, their memories of distant star lands. Allow their hearts to beat with the love that we have forgotten and ready to ignite for them so they can live freely in their skin, freely within their joy and light.
I will be starting my new Crystalline Children and Higher Dimensional Parenting audios this week and I hope that you will join me in sharing, communicating, and dancing with us in this profoundly important new beginning. The children are showing us in every way that many of what we have existed within is not serving them. They show us in how they behave, in how they feel about themselves, and how they interact in the world, and we are here to begin anew in the most pristine and lush energetic bedding than we have ever been offered.  We have all the support, tools, and skills to begin new paradigms of social offerings and new ways of interacting and behaving and it is within each and every one of us to just begin.
Every small act of love, sharing, kindness, movement out of structure, restrictions, confinement, and lack of creative individuality is how we alter the entire social paradigm to something new. Speak loving words of truth so that your hearts and the hearts of the children are heard, and known, and we can begin to heal, to seed, and to bring forth the garden of light that we all deserve to flourish within. As I was sitting in my front room, enjoying the early morning blessings, I pondered about what our world would be like if we had no material pressure to work, shop, go buy things, and how our planet is shifting from being a planet of outdated social systems that serve very few, and allowing our mind-set and heart desires to be that of liberation of spirit, liberation of trade and good will, and to be that of creative expression. 
There may be fears and out-dated perceptions that you may feel when you create new ways of doing things, new ways of behaving, and allow that to be 'ok.' For these sensations are short-lived and are allowing you to see the growth and expansion you have gifted yourself and your family.  You are showing yourself as a master creator that this is going to be 'ok' and I know that there is much we can explore in a higher state of being. As we heal the myriad of soul fragments, as we allow for love to be our driving force to unite and harmonize our world, we allow for the inner truth and innate abilities to come forth and this is no different for our children that have already come here as higher oscillating light beings ready to shape our world into one that will serve not only the greater good, but also the myriad of light beings and hybrid children awaiting for our frequency alignment within to truly entangle and commune as a new Universal family.  

We are being nudged, urged, and celebrated into a new state of behaving as our God-Self, our Christed-self, and it is within the small moment-for-moment actions, words, and loving sharing communions you intent to create and entangle with. Whether your entanglements are with spirit, your children, your lover, wildlife, the ocean, the Universal beings that support us in every way, just know you are being gifted with wisdom, insight, and unconditional love every moment you so choose to open and receive it, and dance within it.  When we move within our moment-for-moment life with the intention of being in the essence of our highest Christed-self, we are sending out profoundly powerful quantum particles of potential that begin the collaboration of an infinite number of opportunities and other quantum conversations of similar light resonance to entangle with you on your journey.  
The Universal mind, the omni-field is an infinite Divine garden of light that is unmanifest potential of ALL THINGS; so why not begin this intentional dance and create within it with purpose, with vision, with joyful loving creativity that can truly shift every experience in your daily reality to be one of communion, laughter, bliss, abundance of spirited belonging, and true health and inner wellness. 

Here is our link from our live ascension show yesterday as we discussed and entangled with the notion of 'Creating as the God-self' and moving about within this new garden of light.

For those that so desire - here is our complete ascension article;

Enjoy your incredible summer morning and be light, be joyful, be YOU!
Blessings and great love,

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