Friday, 23 June 2017

Reawaken the Light Within the Earth

Thank you for the lovely comments and feedback from our live show with Cari's incredible learning and expansion program. There is much to explore with our Universal teams, our lightships, our higher dimensional health, crystalline children, and well-being and we have just tapped into our limitless potentiality.
I feel blessed and so very grateful to be entangled with you all once again in this profound earthly ~ human transformation and know we are creating such illumination and light for the multi-verse.
Here is the replay for those that missed it ~
Thank you Cari for your platform and sharing.
                                                             WE GO LIVE TOMORROW AM!
We are so excited and we will bring some Peruvian experiences, love, and ancient energy with us as we have activated and soaked within the embrace of our ancestors and wisdoms of many lost tribes and experiences. As we have said in many of our writings, shows, classes and private sessions; we are not only creating healing and Oneness in our individual soul experience, but we are also healing an infinite number of realms, timelines, and tribes that we all belong to. 
This recent grid shift and the ascension offerings from the Divine go far beyond what we are able to explain and understand, however suffice it to say, we are now operating as Universal beings of refined potential, and it is our birthright to begin anew in this way from living as heart centered and heart-aligned in our expansive threading.
How incredibly fun to experience such energetic confirmation from our beloved Gaia and the Divine, and I will share more in our live show tomorrow morning at 11:00am MST ~

Soar and sing ~ 
Blessings with great joy,
Joanna L Ross

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