Monday, 22 May 2017

There is nothing you are not....

Good morning dear masters, 

In all that is glorious that you recognize is you. All that is great, good, Divine, pure, lovely, is all you. In all that is triumphant, challenging, profound, and serene, and in all that is skill, wisdom, mystical and expansive.....
Walking, being, experiencing life within, and within all things, is brought to new heights, depths, knowingness as your heart is pure & open, for this is how we experience the all, be the all, gift and receive love to and from the All.
This is how we create and co-create light fields of potential, light fields of play and social liberation and illumination within new world experiences. We are preparing the land, preparing the grids, preparing our hearts for our celestial and Universal families of light, of galactic threadings to commune and be with us. As we reach within ~ we sow the seeds of profundity to all things in unity, in peace, in harmony, in love.

We love all beings unconditionally, and we prepare the grounds for the infinite beings of love and light and our hearts are open and pure to you, through us, we are One. May we meet in joy, celebration, and anchoring of the unimaginable.

Love, Light, Promise, Unity, Harmony, Peace, Abundance, Joy, Grace, Humility, Mastery, Laughter.....

It is all you, and how open you are, how aligned in love that you allow yourself to be, will show you any one moment in which you just ARE.

There is nothing that you are not ~ 

You are a master!

Blessings and great love,

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