Friday, 12 May 2017

Weekly Ascension Updates ~ Divine Mother Manifest

Good morning dear lighted ones,
Are you ready to take your path work into a new frequency of potential? Are you ready to invoke and devote the inner Divine core of all that you are to something new, anchor the elegance and God-spark within?

Join us tomorrow for an afternoon filled of high vibrational energy healing, wisdoms, and anchoring of the highest frequencies that we innately co-create in our weekly / monthly communal gatherings within our soul tribe arena's.
We have our live ascension show starting at 11:00am MST
and right after at 1:30pm, we have a 60min., powerful grounding and anchoring of Divine Mother Manifest intent with our celebration of the Divine feminine and the power within to alter our reality experience. 
Join us in these sacred communions;
Sacred Temple Teachings & Healing
1:30-2:30pm MST ~ Global 60min., Alignment, Meditation, Anchoring the Divine, and Invoking our Galactic Missions
Global Ascension Radio ~ 11:00am MST - write in your questions, tweets, texts, or call in ~  *** For our loyal listeners with KCOR Ascension show and those who so desire ~ as my appreciation and excitement, I am offering a very special for those interested in a Private Intuitive Reading & Healing Session ***

Book II ~ Ascension Path Work ~ A Pocket Guide ~ 3rd Edition now ready
Amazon Links here;

And our final bit of weekly news ....... IT IS READY! Our 3rd edition 'Ascension Path Work' Pocket Guide is up and ready! This has been by far our most popular book - the quickest and easy read for those that desire ascension alignments, tips, and assistance in a pocket guide format; 
Updates, new additions, and beautiful artwork by Cameron Grey ~
Blessings and great joy,


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