Monday, 22 May 2017

Ascension Day Ceremony & Anchoring

Greetings dear ones,
We were saying how profound the May 25th energy is......
For those who so desire to celebrate, anchor, create and bring forth love and unity within the all........
Offering ~ 
DAY of Ascension Celebration & Anchoring
MAY 25th Anchoring Ceremony
11:11am MST 60min., celebration & Anchoring
Celebrate with us in a short anchoring and loving grounding on May 25th * Anchoring of Human Gratitude in Mastery to celebrate and honour the love, assistance, guidance from our families to us through this profound path - I will open a short ceremony and grounding on this day - stay tuned to your newsletter 'inbox' for the zoom link to join in.....
Blessings and great joy,

Email me if you desire the link to join us

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