Saturday, 6 May 2017

Spring in Bloom ~ Anchoring the Divine

Good morning dear lighted ones,
What an incredible spring morning to amp up and arise to something new and umlimited!
ARe you ready to entangle? Are you ready for a Divine communion and heart-felt offering for this incredible human ascension?
Join us at 11:00am MSt as we go live in our weekly ascension show after being off for a week ~
Topics today;
Anchoring the Divine
Listen in, call in, text or tweet in your ascension questions, and any other enlightenment query you may have.  We are here to anchor in new dynamic joy ~ come out and dance with us! 

New energy, new potential, new love, new light, new joy, and a new dance to unfold.
Blessings and great joy,

Stay tuned for a new blog article this week, plus monthly ascension classes next Saturday and updates on our next live event!

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