Sunday, 21 May 2017

Ascension Energies for this Profound Week of Celebration

Greetings dear lighted ones,
We have a powerful week of celestial alignments, spiritual offerings, and remembrance and celebration of the May 25th ~ Day of Ascension in the relationship to the 40days from the resurrection of Master Jesus.

The number vibrations, the celestial offering of the new moon on the very same day of the 'day of ascension' also on the May 25th, which reduces to the 13 = 4, which are in and of themselves packed with vibrations of change, rebirth, and balance to new groundings. These powerful new moon and ascension offerings are all nestled within the energy of Mercury which is the 'unexpected' and 'unusual' events. 
                                                 Celebrate ~ You are a Divine Heavenly Human Gift 
How may you allow, accept, celebrate, open, and be the Divine loving self that you are and in any one moment, regardless of what is shown to you, BE LOVE. These are the refinements and offerings that all Masters cycle within and celebrate the lush environment in which we can co-create within. 
To assist in your alignment of core mastery energies and inspirations, here is our podcast from Saturday ~
* Mastery Cycles ~
* Tips, Hints, Inspirations ~ Grounding is so very key and assist in creative visualizations that link a grounding cord to the core of Gaia, intend to beat within the heart beat of Gaia, and breathe with Gaia, sacred play with and upon Gaia for healing 
* Let Go & Trust ~ Let go of the self-doubt and lack of self in what you perceive, receive, and how you are able to open and communicate with the Divine. You are a profound Divine Heavenly gift.
* Rest, regenerate, reflect ~ emanate within the richness and soothing love and embrace with the Divine Mother Father God, and the All that is supporting and guiding you ~ Allow these quick balances know that you may also feel psychically charged, and attuned, so be sure to also reflect these knowings and softenings, reassurance to your children, and instead of swirling within busy schedules, sit back and relax and enjoy one another. 
Love yourself, love your children, love the Divine Mother Father, our celestial Oneness, our celestial unity, for it is the crystalline reflections of your vastness.
Enjoy, open and live within your Divine Sacred Heart and be the love of the All that you are ~ 

Blessings and light,
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