Thursday, 2 August 2018

So Why Not Celebrate?

Good morning inspiration, 
Excitement and joy for YOU! 
You are held with delight and honour by a myriad of beings, councils, teams that bring forth all that is required for your journey.
Drop within your Divine Sacred Heart and feel the Heavenly blessings that you are so lovingly guided, honoured, and celebrated. So why not take moments, hours, intention to do the same? How Heavenly you are as a co-creator with the Heavens. May you always know and feel your Divinity and radiance of being!

Blessings and graceful joy,
I am looking forward to our Divine and Sacred gathering next week for those that are travelling out to our Sacred land. Oh the joy we will have. 
The exploration, the expression, the experience of the Christed light in joy, and so it is.

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