Sunday, 12 August 2018

Etheric Chamber Channeled Message ~ The Divine Sacred Gift

Greetings dear lighted ones,
This was a deeply profoundly moving week in celestial, cosmic, galactic and Universal movement and Heavenly offerings.  I wanted to create this channel in writing and place forth for those that so desire to soak within, to love, to share, to create and swim within in eternal sacred Christed joy of self.

The Divine Sacred Gift
(the Heavenly Councils of Light)
You are the radiance,
You are the essence of the Heavens sent forth,
through loving co-creative joy,
to shine forth in the love-light of you.
Here within your Heavenly sacred temple of thy vessel,
within the sacred temple of such planetary and cosmic grace, (Gaia)
for dear ones, are you sensing the undeniable beauty and gift that you are to bless this moment and lovingly honour you?

Are you excited in this moment of Divine recognition that which you ARE?
As the Heavens open and converge in glorious ways for the most magnificent times of human-earthly experience, will your hearts soften and surrender in this graceful love?
You are so dearly loved in the heart beat and pulse of Creation.
You are the blessed gift of Divine love,
And so it is.

Heavenly Councils of Light

Blessings and graceful joy,

*** The Channeled message above was read on our live KCOR weekly ascension show link found here ~ end of our 2nd hour -


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