Sunday, 5 August 2018

Dance of the Heavens

Blessings dear lighted ones,
Here is our Divine podcast from yesterday and our topics of this special energetic week with Lions Gate on 08/08, Yod Alignment on the 11th, and our new cycle of sacred tribal living as a Rainbow Cosmic-earthly human tribe move within new exploration and play.

Hour I ~ Dance of the Heavens, 
Hour II, Crystals & Ceremony
Archive August 4, 2018 Universal Unity hosted by Joanna L. Ross. Some of the topics today, divine celebration of our profound Lion's Gate celebration, 11/11 portal of light, setting the vibration of honouring and to truly be steadfast as 'the CHAMPION of YOUR OWN Light.' as well as a little talk about crystals.

Thank you for connecting and entangling with us every week as we attune to a new human potential and Divine unfolding as we open for celestial and cosmic Oneness, living sacredly, and aligning within our Divine Christed light body.

Blessings and graceful joy,


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