Friday, 10 August 2018

Gracefully Aligned ~ 08/08

Good morning dear lighted ones,
So humbled by the experiences had here over the past few days with such lovely and Divine sacred soul tribe and will be processing and integrating the experiences for times to come. I will softly engage with the majesty tomorrow on our live KCOR show with the rich reverence and excitement that we all shared. 
We feel forever changed, and how the criss-crossing of timelines, and multi-dimensional potentials were subtle and so very Heavenly. The sacred land here was so very excited to entangle in the way in which we synchronistically offered, and felt the immediate acceptance and remembrance as if no time through separation was ever known.

My blessings to the very special and sacred hearts in this sharing, physically, remotely, and multi-dimensionally for I felt you all in your loving heart-aligned offerings in anchoring in this special 'Diamond Heart Sanctuary of Love Light,' and know there will be many more Heavenly cosmic sharings in kind. 
In humble and grateful reverence to Gaia-Terra, Creation, the Divine Source Creator, our celestial families, and all children, 
Graceful joy,

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