Saturday, 4 August 2018

Always Threaded in LOVE

Infinitely Sewn in LOVE
Greetings dear lighted ones, 
I was inspired by these concepts of liquid love, fluid love, and the truth of 'the Breath of Life.' As we are preparing for our weekly Universal-global-cosmic sacred ascension gathering, I opened to these Divinely inspired offerings of the eternal fluidic truth of Creator love;
Threading the Divine essence of infinite potential; every week as we soak in Universal etheric love, support, guidance, wisdom, crystalline children platform of honour & celebration of our uniqueness, our creatorhood and the potentials we are in simply being.
Stepping out of limitation of the 'self' is to go within and choose you are far more than you ever thought or were told or taught. You choose how expansive you desire to experience yourself, your life, and your creatorhood, and regardless of this choice, you will still, always, be with Source. You are unconditionally loved. All that you are, all that you will ever experience, is always, always, threaded and sewn within God, as God is within you.
This is what is meant by being consciously aware that we are holographic, living in a holographic reality, and therefore creative in the same respect. As within, so without, as above, so below. You are everywhere and here. You are all things, all beings, all love, all potentials. may you open your wings and truly soar?

Unconditional self-love, self-joy is the harmonization & unquestionable inner knowing you are threaded with God. Every breath; inhale, exhale. Every thought. Every inspiration & deed, step & what you may perceive as miss-step, you are with God. LOVE 
Divine celebration of our profound Lion's Gate celebration, 11/11 portal of light, setting the vibration of honouring and to truly be steadfast as 'the CHAMPION of YOUR OWN Light.' 
We ARE ONE Rainbow tribe ~ celebrate and align in global ~ Universal alignment, meditation, and profound Oneness at 11:00am MST with KCOR weekly 
KCOR Weekly Universal Unity Ascension Sacred Soul Tribe Gathering *

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