Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Stepping Out of the Old

Stepping Out of the Old
Our consciousness in the collective frequencies are allowing greater and greater genetic potentials to be brought forth within every new generation of humans being born. 
Children now are threaded within a unique and advanced genetic potential that allows them to feel, to know, to intuit, to sense themselves and the world in new ways; what are we doing to provide stimulating and multi-dimensional platforms to assist their ignition of the God within, their creative gifts, their unified collective joys to serve, and honour them in their paths of evolution?

Our children sense and see things in the way that we are only touching upon now; it does not mean placing them into categories and boxes that do not align with 'old paradigm' thinking, diagnosis, or as if they do not fit. 
They are anchoring an entirely new multi-dimensional energy that will serve generations, earth, and our Universe in ways that we simply do not fully understand at this point, however we can begin to inspire, empower, and celebrate liberation in and from old world restrictions, systems, and structures that hold them back. 
This is why it is so very key to follow your excitements, follow your inner ushering on what is requiring shifting within your daily family paradigm. Your heart, an electromagnetic field is genius and radiates an inner knowing, the inner sensing that your ego-mind often challenges to 'remain in fear' for it doesn't know what the heart will always know. There is no separation, there is no fear, there is the ushering to open and allow the Divine destiny that is directing you forth into a paradise if you will so allow it. 
There is profound movement and understanding that we are just opening up within,
Blessings and graceful joy,
Living sacredly means opening your Divine Sacred Heart and living within it, being it, emanating it, and loving yourself within this sacred joy. New movement, new inspirations, new sacred sharing, sacred knowing of one another assisting each other in union, harmony, rebalancing and co-creating with the Divine essence that is YOU!

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