Saturday, 16 June 2018

Healing, Rebalancing, New Sacred Living ~ Wellness within the Family

Greetings dear lighted ones,
As a mother, as a vibrational healer and teacher, I am always toggling the reality of collective guide for humanity and the changes and shifts we are being offered from the Divine, and simultaneously seeing it play out within my own family, how the children are affected, and how to rebalance and bring peace, harmony, and joy within a transitioning experiencing to a heightened world potential. These are what each and every one of us are experiencing, to varying levels of experience and our greatest task, among many, is to truly step outside of our comfort zone and begin anew in all ways. 

As we enter into a summer solstice and abundant summer ushering, it is the perfect time to create anew, start those 'outside the box' experiences that will catalyze a new way of Divine sacred living and bring balance and peace within all matters of daily earthly human life.  There is much we have forgotten over the many eons of time here upon this incredible planet, and we are now being awoken from the cells and akashic memories to re-engage, re-entangle, and commit to a new way of behaving that will bring open Universal communion in ways we have never imagined but know within our hearts is our celestial celebration awaiting us beyond the veils.

To bring balance & harmony as a potential within our families, to our children, that are truly aching to feel the inter-connectedness within the All, is first birthed within us. Offering the children into the heights of their birthright is our task now. 
We are now entering into a phase of not only Divine collective altruism, but also the engaged responsibility of creating, ushering, offering a new light template and potential for our Heavenly children brought Forth in human form to assist our entire collective evolution. 
How may we bring every moment of our familial engagement and interaction to new heights of Oneness, support, unconditional love, and profound inter-connectedness with Gaia. These are the primal attributes required for not only healing the ailments and imbalances of our children, but also our integration of higher intellect communication and quantum travel within our Universe. 
Divinely excited and Divinely profound,
And so it is,
Join us this morning as we dive deeper and with great joy into these ascension and crystalline children topics;

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