Saturday, 23 June 2018

Creating Beyond the Box

Greetings dear lighted ones,

Every Saturday we gather globally, etherically, Universally to explore, expand, muse, create new vibrational light fields to dance within; for those who so desire, a rich human experience awaits. 
Many can feel the propulsion, inner need to co-create with soul tribe, to gather, commune, to co-create together. This is a quantum energy feeding one another to inspire new systems,new beginnings,new resolve for much of humanities needs ailments. 
We are being inspired and ignited from within to gather in light, in love, in joyful expression to create anew. We are this profound family of cosmic-humans coming to life to bring forth, call forth spirit from within and mould a new earthly-Universal reality in which we all thrive, we are all well and balanced, vital and abundant in all ways. In this dear ones, lets celebrate these magnificent times. 
Join us at 11:00am MST

Blessings and joyful grace,

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