Saturday, 16 June 2018

On the Cusp of Change

Good morning and greetings dear lighted ones,
I am a true believer of the healing properties of Gaia and how it can shift the molecular and physiological elements in the body. Since moving here to the country, I am acutely aware of the energetic shift in my kids when we are rushing about doing errands, and / or exploring Gaia. 
Gaia, Creation, Source, we are One, and how may we bring these natural Divine offerings within a new system of learning, exploration, and integration into way of sacred living and communion. Rebalancing all that we are as a human collective that I feel is ready to evolve into a higher dimensional species.
We are on the cusp dear ones, releasing and letting go of limitation and treadmill exhaustion is the portal to enjoy the song of love being offered within all moments with Gaia & Creation.

Join us for our summer celebration upon Sacred Gaia, and honouring, awakening, igniting Divine Sacred Living on the blessings and offered light of Lion's Gate portal of light;

We go live this morning at 11:00am MST for more on sacred living, sacred toning, the power of Gaia in healing our children, the Divine bliss offered within the All living through you.

Join us for our Gaia entangled Global-Universal Sacred Communion event in which we create and anchor new world light energies, potentials, and paradigms within our crystalline grids. Ceremony, celebration, toning, movement, group sacred sharing, meditation, and Gaia consciousness entanglement. **

In shared joy and happiness,


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