Monday, 25 June 2018

Being Ushered Into Heart-felt Joy

Greetings Dear lighted ones,
The webbing of Divine orchestration, soulful destiny, soulful purpose, altruism and unity consciousness will usher you, inspire you, empower you to focus your hearts desire in profound ways. How may you soulfully serve your passions? How may you honour and cheer others that follow their passions? These few simple acts of unity and expansive action allow for profound alchemic 'calling forth' of the synchronicities that serve your Divine soul purpose. 

All life, all beings will be touched by the Omni-presence excitement for evolution and heart-felt sacred living. 
Here is the link from our live podcast from Saturday;
Topics; Creating Outside the Box
Creation is this profound, so too are you.
Enjoy the infinite & eternal joys and ushering of these Creator Source blessings, 

here is the right link to the email description from yesterday.
Topics; Creating Outside the Box

Daily Affirmation 

I allow joy to live through me.
I expect mastery & love to flow through me.
I expect my inner light to organically flow through me.
In all I face, in all I create, I stand within my inner light & inner joy to co-create within Creation.
Powerfully aligned.
Your consciousness is the webbing portal that acts from your tonal commandments and guidance. You are the master of your Sacred Temple of light. How may you create in this knowing? How may you arise in the self-love that is designed in this?
Enjoy your Divinely designed and supported path of wholeness, reunification, and loving self-joy,
Join us for 08/08 Sacred Anchoring of the Divine Crystalline Temple of the Diamond Heart
Blessings and joy,
Joanna L Ross

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