Sunday, 24 June 2018

Creating Outside the Box ~ You are Divine!

Creating Outside the Box

Project your infinite joy into the reality experience you desire.
Align within a visualization that is as infinite & profound as the Christed grids through which we are embedded & supported by. You are an eternal & infinite master of love. 
Divinely loved and lovable you are.

See and know the greatness in all beings, in all things.
Empower the greatness in all beings, for it may be the very portal of potential they need to arise within the love and knowingness you offer and know within them. 

Your children, just as you did, require that you always see, always know, always empower and inspire the God within them to shine forth. Speak of this knowingness, and usher to their hearts with authentic compassionate love; 'I believe in you. You are unique, you are required, and you are as special as the moment you chose to be here. There is God within you, and I know you will walk your path in excitement to be purely you.' 
Blessed be the one that carries unconditional faith of the Love of God within. 
And so it is.
In graceful joy and love,

Here is our podcast from yesterday;
Topics; 'Creating Outside the Box' 
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