Tuesday, 24 April 2018

You are the DREAM!

You, me, we, us, the All, are the spiralling essence of love in motion;
It is what we emit, what we choose to flow forth from our being, our chalice that affects the All and colours a new rainbow of potential. In song we are One, in song our hearts resonate in truth, for we are the song of Creation arising as One, for we are, One. 
Breathe deeply of a vibrant new truth that your authentic voice carries power of delight, radiance, and joy, for the All to be blessed by and within; as sacred as the stars, the sun, the moon, and the earth, you are a song from God's heart sent forth to explore, enjoy, and be Divinely riding the Universal heart of One.
Amen, Amen, Amen,
And so it is.

You are a song of joy; feel into what this truly means and hold nothing back in falling in love with this, expressing it, and sharing it ~ Live your dream; for you are it.
Divine Sacred Joy Podcast from KCOR Live Ascension Offerings ~ weekly for the sharing and Divine Sacred Communion

Blessings and Divine Sacred Joy,

Stay tuned for our birthday post on this special day. This day, April 24th as I know to be, the birthday of Master Yeshua Ben Joseph, Jesus. Born at 1:00am in Bethlehem, as offered from a dear friend and colleague Maia Nartoomid, who channeled this date, and had a special birthchart done many, many years back which I will share partially with you. 

Only because the data is no longer available online and taken from an excerpt in which I paid for last year but somehow only parts where available. In Maia's blessings to share, we have also posted with her links and other Yeshua energy activations. 

I will post this link to our article when it is uploaded and ready for sharing. 

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