Saturday, 21 April 2018

Sacred Temple Ascension Offerings TODAY

Greetings dear lighted ones, 
Are you feeling the shifts with our celestial alignments, within our families, within our hearts to begin something new? We are being inspired to plant the seeds and nourish them richly within our inner knowing we are worthy of our desires, our dreams, our heart-felt wishes. 

We go live today at 11:00am MST to dive within a loving embrace of the Heavenly Councils, The Mother Father, celestial teams, and heal our hearts anew. Joy be within the aLL that you are for you are pure and Divinely rich joy!

Join our Universal Sacred Soul Tribe gathering today and every month as we ascend, transcend, and transmute within a vortex of love, inner knowing, and empowerment of the Divine within ~
We go live at 1:30pm MST today ~
Register here to entangle in Christed Consciousness Inner temple light, 
Blessings and great joy,

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