Wednesday, 25 April 2018

This is YOU! Joyful, Sacred, Transmutational Light Specialist & Diviner of Love

Are there things within our reality that trigger frustration? 
Are there systems of infrastructure, of socio-economic injustice that cause you stress or sadness? We change what we experience by changing ourselves. As within, so without, and as we each, each of us, go within and create and intend a path of heightened and expansive play, adventure, and Christed lighted co-creation, allows, opens, and gifts the benevolence due in such unconditional states of being. 

It takes Divine inner trust to 'let go' and know you are loved, guided, and treasured. You have a Divine plan. You are embedded with a Divine team, you are richly held in God's heart, for God is within you; you are the Creator, the God, a sacredly radiant transmutational light specialist, and a Diviner of love in all unveilings. 

You can truly and profoundly shift your entire reality experience and what is shown to you through taking sacred care time throughout your day to commune, center, and ground in serene and peaceful alignment with Source; your Divine Higher Self, and the healing love-light pulsations of Gaia. Breathe; full-body breaths, align in centred loving intent, softly intend to open your heart, and feel the gentle loving joy that Source has for you. This is you. This is your natural innate state. This is you. 

Every system,
Every program,
Every aspect of our reality will move through its own unique and ascension symbiosis and ALL will transform through this. 
This is why we create far greater change through; allowance, offerings of inner knowing, inner faith, to this Divine plan, Divine orchestration, and bless the all. Trust that all will find its own unique vibrational place within Creation; there is a Divine plan. 
Bless all that was, bless what triggers frustration, stand in your light, offer, and know ~ blessing offers the allowance for Creation to flow to you what is truly in alignment with your Highest and best path and how we all walk spiritual maturity and mastery in light.
Blessings and grand Divine self-joy,

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