Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Joy of You

Greetings dear lighted ones,
There is a Divine wave of light, of love, of joy in unifying that can be felt.
When the sky appears to laugh and dance with you,
When the tree's and grasses, and flowers appear to shine with you, 
When the hearts of children thread with you,
When the purity of love that is you opens in joy to be you;
This is the essence of God being felt in every day moments and can be felt, can be known, can be seen, and experienced in the unique and diverse ways that we are each meant to co-create.
Join us on Saturday for our special extended 'Diamond Heart Sanctuary Ceremony & Sacred Gathering'
This class will be right after our weekly Sacred Soul Tribe Universal Gathering with #KCOR KCOR Digital Radio Network
Don't be surprised,
You are Divinely perfect right now, this moment, and you are loved so unconditionally.
Can you walk forth in this state of being?
Can you walk forth and know this essence of self-joy alters Creation forever?
Can you truly open your heart to you and feel the joy, the exaltation, the immense honour you have to be you?

We are here to remember our Divinity and to remember falling in love within it, within us, once again.
Thus, we bring, we create, Heaven unto earth. 

Light it up dear ones, light it up, we are Divinely alive and spirited to begin anew;
For in every moment you seek, you honour, to allow the love of you to flow, be felt, and be shared, so too do you allow it to be returned in kind. 
And so it is.
Join us in our global, Universal sacred soulful sharing, Divine human exploration, new classes, new ascension show offerings;

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