Monday, 23 April 2018

Celebrating what every Master came to Inspire ~ Divine Sacred Joy

So much to share and be inspired within;
Are you sensing Spring springing...
Are you sensing that everyone wants to come out of their shell and create anew.

We are gifted the accentuation of polarity and subtleties so that we can choose refined thoughts, beliefs, actions, and behaviours for a new experience of unity, balance, peace, harmony, and as a mother, this is truly all any parent really desires. See our children walk with a peaceful inner knowing, balance, and confidence to move about the world in joy of who they are and what they are truly required to be at peace in knowing of this. 

Here is our archive from this past Saturday, April 21, 2018
Topics; Divine Sacred Joy ~ Elixir through Christed Manifestations
~ Joanna takes you on a journey within to further explore, examine, and experience the Divine joy that Source Creator feels, knows, and is inspired by each of us; our exploration of Creation in our own unique way, and our journey to reunify in love, reunify in compassion, in Oneness, and through this, we allow the essence of God to be known. Inner knowing; every adept will discover this on their own and in their own unique way, and when this inner knowing is experienced, the All, the Inner Being, the experience of all else is altered eternally alive for greater expansive co-creations. 

~ Simplicity in exploration, with authentic truth to feel, be, and know thyself, and express this creatively is our human-cosmic alignment to living and behaving within a Christed timeline, grid, and consciousness bedding within, around, and all about us. 

Hour II ~ Multi-Dimensional Parenting ~ The subtle and not-so-subtle shift of our changing dynamic perspectives, views, and beliefs about who we are, how we behave, how we parent, and how we interact and weave within a new heightened consciousness potential. To match, to live within a Christed experience, the light body, the feathery heart, means that we must release what no longer serves, and what truly aligns purely within unconditional love, compassion, and altruism for a new world view and harmony set it inner peace, inner balance, and harmony within the hearts-homes.

Archive - April 21, 2018 as we celebrate and honour the birth week of the compassionate and loving Master Jesus and the Divinely aligned lessons of self-joy, self-appreciation, and self-love.


Blessings and great joyful living, 

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