Tuesday, 10 April 2018

God Particle, God Experience

Good morning dear golden ones,
There is a shifting about what is ready to be released, and what is ready to step forth within anew.
Let go of the worry when doors close, relationships loosen, and bricks fall away, for it is the transitioning into new frequencies of potential to co-create within tribes of common heart, global common excitement, and dreams of the people threading to transform.
There is always a higher, wider, richer, deeper truth to what is going on, and why, how it is all unfolding. TRUST with your deepest and heart of hearts that ALL IS WELL and your Divine Sacred Mind, your Higher Self, knows what is best for your Divine Sacred path. TRUST. All is well! 
In our calm, peace, and centred assuredness, we offer this sense of self, inner knowing, inner trust to our children, to our families, for we are threaded, we are the quantum offering of a higher resolve that neutralizes any challenge, any formidable circumstance, for God knows what God is doing, you are this, you are the orchestrator of it All. Explore the God within, for It is magnificent; in light, in potential, in colour, in sound, and in loving softening to aligning all to a higher dimensional experience. 
Seek within the peace, the calm, the soft inner knowing you are God co-creating in this likeness ~
And so it is. The God particle, the Quantum link within the ALL, and why we are sensing, feeling, knowing, hearing, and feeling it all - how eternal are you? Infinite ~ so too are we able to co-create in this way.  And so it is.

Embrace the waves of change, for it is the catalyst to profound evolution and soulful opening within Heavenly love.

Blessings and great joy,
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