Friday, 2 February 2018

Diverse, Rich, Filled with Promise ~ Now we must truly tune in!

Family Health, Wellness in a Diverse & Rich Ascending Experience 
Family Health, Wellness, Harmony, Balancing the Energy Bodies
Wisdom & Insight for the Multi-Dimensional Ascending Family 
Truths for a new global paradigm.
Thank you Jamie, from Awakening our Truth for sharing our ascension wellness, and expansive sacred soul gatherings;

As we move forth in our ascending planetary unfolding, it will be ever so important to tune into your multi-dimensional bodies for ongoing maintenance, wellness, balance, and clearing of all that is energetic that we walk within, around, and pick up without even knowing it. It is equally important to also teach our children about this maintenance for their health as so many already have lower abdominal trouble and already experience lack of grounding agitation and tuning out of every day human life. 
It is vital that we begin to look beyond what is seen and know our world, us, the All is a multi-dimensional crystal of potential and these fields of information in a changing world are incredibly rich to traverse and why it is crucial to begin with certainty and inner knowing the ‘All’ that you are and maintaining health and wellness within thyself. You are a temple of Divine living light and it requires atonement and ever-reaching courage to traverse on-going global, galactic expansiveness to prepare for all that global evolution offers.

These are simple and easy ways to begin talking in the home, talking in groups, and bringing greater awareness to our awakening community about the health, wellness, balance, and spiritual resonance and how to center and rebalance.
Blessings and great Divine golden wellness & joy,
I am so grateful to be included in your dynamic group and soul tribe of global light workers, channels, and light mavericks like yourself ~ 
Deepest gratitude ~ Our children have the innate knowing they are so profoundly more than they see in the mirror, and the conversations of spirit and their eternal expansive can begin to allow them the wings to soar and the inner confidence to walk in the light of All that they are. 

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