Monday, 19 February 2018

Beautiful Human Story

Your soul,
Your heart,
Your spirit is deeper than the cosmic womb of Creation.
You are light in Its most purest form.
You are love in Its most adored state of potential. 
Silent and still thy busy mind,
Silent and still thy worried heart,
Open to the profundity of purpose to be, simply be, YOU.
Your destiny; is YOU.
Your purpose; is YOU.
Your gift; is YOU.
Your path; is YOU.
Your beauty; is YOU.
You are a beautiful Divine breath of human earthly movement of unity, peace, harmony, and joy ~ for you are to be celebrated ~ 
Join us in our sacred temple offerings of human celebration and the co-creation of the Heaven upon earth in which we came forth in excitement to shine & express.

You are Divine beauty ~
Blessings and great joy,
Thank you Jamie from Awakening our Truth, for sharing our light,

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