Sunday, 25 February 2018

More Happening than we can SEE ~ Self-Care

Greetings dear lighted ones,
A note of 'food for thought'
There is much happening for many at the molecular and biological level and why it can feel as if you are not knowing yourself, or feeling like yourself, or too exhausted to practice the things that give you excitement. 
Your bodies are truly operating and restructuring itself for you to pass through new dimensions of interaction and why listening to your body to soothe it, balance it, nourish it, and heal thyself is so very key. You will set the example for those in your home, and sacred temple to do the same.

For those who so desire, here is the archive from our global weekly ascension show.
The link for the show archive from yesterday...
Topics; Listener sent in a question about the significance of the moon in our transitions and the heightened activity of the moon and what it stirs within us.
Special You Alignment ~ Jupiter, Pluto, --> Moon and another Grand Trine on Monday with the Moon, a big Moon weekend and allowing us to once again go deeper and own, claim, heal, anchor a new rebirth. 
Joanna takes us into a deep heart opening and healing as she channels and receives Divine wisdom, teachings, and information about our ability to create and re-write our reality experience. Tapping into the visions, energy downloads, and etheric chamber energetic offerings that support and empower human awakening and ascension to new and expansive dynamic earthly-Heavenly-human experiences
Alchemy of the Divine Mother Feminine energy & 'Consciousness Webbing ~ The Portal of Love'
Our awakening to the subtle benevolence we are all swimming within and why it is the perfect bedding to re-write the human story. Our families, our children, our entanglement with Gaia and all wildlife is aching for dynamic change in our engagement with it all. Time to dance, for we are co-creators of light! 

With heartfelt love and joy,

Blessings and great joy,
It is your birthright to nourish your soul and take time for self loving care. 

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