Thursday, 22 February 2018

A Postcard to Jesus

Children will offer their innate wisdom in the most innocent and authentic ways to inspire an opening of the heart and begin communion on a whole new level.
This morning as I climbed into the car to drive my kids to school for their homeschool program, my lil guy, who has just turned 7, said with the wonder that washes over me in its purity and softness that he always offers; 
'Momma, if Jesus was still alive, I would send him a postcard.' 
He often says these truly beautiful 'not so random' profound offerings that invite us to go within a deeper level of union, communion, and conversation in our morning activities, and commute. 
These are moments in which Divine entanglement takes place, and we thread our hearts in new ways as we ponder and experience the veils dropping and Heaven being created through these innocent and loving exchanges. How we view now, how we perceive Oneness, the ALL, the God within is shifting and our children are the first to usher it in for dialogue and heart-felt musing.

Offering of heart-felt joy and love to dance this dance as we have never danced before; open your hearts, for you are worthy of the light and love, and majesty within IT.
Blessings and love,

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