Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Time is Now ~ Set Your Most Profound Dreams & Wishes FREE

Good morning dear lighted ones,
'What are you desiring to create and experience for yourself as a moment-for-moment life reality?' 
Now is the time, now is the moment, in which you still and silent yourself to co-create something with the Divine and the Heavens with you in all steps and with an open heart of service to the God within and be an active engage aspect of it all unfolding through you. Set sacred space, time, intent, and reverence to your path ~ and so too shall it be returned in your reality experience. 
Join us tomorrow, January 31, in the most profound energies thus far, super full moon, lunar eclipse. I will be talking with Lauren Galey and Quantum Conversations as we set a sacred ceremony to clear the path of your highest Christed frequency experience ~ ** http://ulwhc.com/event/quantum-conversation-2/

You are profoundly colourful and fluid in your diversity to experience, to serve, to create, to enjoy, to fulfill the most undeniable bliss that you designed for yourself ~

Here is our most recent youtube offering from my humble home to yours, from my sacred home to yours, from my passionate heart in joy and human potential, to yours....

Blessings and great laughter and joy,


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