Thursday, 4 January 2018

Are you Ready to Go BEYOND!

HAPPY 2018!
We are entering within a new network of cosmic webbing, based on the consciousness soup, the quantum story we have been telling ourselves; time to activate and create within the pieces of the quantum puzzle you have been arranging via thoughts, words, deeds and now we will begin to experience it. Go beyond!

What you think in your wildest dreams are coming to life before your very eyes. Why not be bold, adventurous, aligning with the heart of all that you are and truly design the breath, the steps, the dance with joyful fulfillment to be YOU!

I had a lovely moment with my kids this morning and opened my heart, not unlike other occasions but it was different. Spontaneous and real, and not with a purpose or need; 'letting go of attachment' in love means that you do what you in love for the pure sake of love, and not getting anything or response by it, but to be you within the moment of love. The Universe opens through this unconditional portal. Children, we, us, we all need to know, to hear, to see, to experience the intimacy of unconditional love in soft, playful, and honest communication, honest sharing, and letting them know, through letting yourself know, you are valuable, you are loved, and you are lovable and you are needed.

A special role that only you have. I am here to inspire this within each of you, for in what we offer is a loving truth through which you were born and placed before everyone you meet. A mutual lesson, a mutual role, deed, and offering to mirror love, to mirror possibility, and to know you are eternal in this Divine human cosmic plan.

You are loved, you are profound, and the experience is within all moments, all interactions, all breath. You are God spark and you can overcome anything. We are quantum miracles in motion. Go within and bring forth the miracle of light, of love, and the design of cosmic genius within. Reach for the stars, go beyond, know that inter dimensional travel, bi-location, lightship experiences, healing of any kind, living in peace, and harmony and even prosperity, healing our planet and the eco-systems; ALL IS POSSIBLE NOW!

Shifting perspective to beyond!

Enjoy this Divine offering of the Heavenly spiral of purity of love,
Blessings and joy,


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