Monday, 5 March 2018

Love IS ~ Magnifier of All Things!

So excited dear lighted ones,
As I was finishing daily lunches and morning chores, I was drawn to look out my kitchen window and to my utter joy and elation, my Pleiadian lightship was hovering high above the neighbours houses awaiting my entanglement. 
They were hovering to get my attention and then began to slowly move towards my home, and then over and out to the east, until disappearing. 
Sending through a lighted projection of 'attention ~ we are with you' I was so excited for this lovely engagement of movement and co-entanglement. 
As I lucidly fell into a deep sleep last night, a sleep in which I was so heavy in consciousness and in various states of being, I was showing myself various versions of realities, and that change, grand change is soon afoot ~ Create NOW! Breath LOVE NOW, BE LOVE NOW. CREATE, DREAM, CREATE, OPEN YOUR HEARTS! So very loving, so very soft and elegant, and how dynamic these fluid states of being can truly be as we are all being prepared in our unique and expansive manners for the galactic and cosmic roles blend with our earthly lighted ways of behaving.
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Love IS,
It just IS.
Gratitude & Special THANKS to Jamie Awakening Our Truth for posting, sharing, and inspiring so many with our sharing and offerings.
Share in the love and light of exciting inspirations of our multi-dimensional potentials and new paradigms of expansive exploration of the God Within as we envelope in our Christed Divine essence. 
Universal Love & Light Wisdom is within each of us to claim, to awaken, to expand, to explore, to express.
In joy and gratitude to you all,
Joanna L Ross

Change is within each and every one of us, in this now moment, in this now breath, we are the sparks of the Divine in human form to co-create anew.
And so it is.
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Blessings and the greatest of joy in our lighted co-creations,

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